GLK HDMI workarounds backport to 4.14 needs a review

  • Can somebody please check if i changed the GLK HDMI workarounds correct for kernel 4.14.

    The original is from here ubuntu-4.15.0-23.25...4.15.0-23.25-glktesting and for kernel 4.16 the changes are easy.

    For 4.14 i needed to change more then i really understand. It looks like the modul parameters have another struct name in 4.14 than in 4.16 and the parameters are totally different to define.

    Can please a developer look over my 4.14 patch and check if it should work. The 4.16 does work and i have feedback from the community about that.

    Sorry i have no git and you need to download the patch(es) here HiDrive the file kernel-4.16.13-GLK-bug-105887-2-workarounds-2018-05-28.patch


    It does compile.

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