TVHEADEND dedicated backend RPI2 v combined frontend on apollo lake NUC

  • Hi

    Just querying what would work better and be more stable, Install a combined TVHEAEDEND front end/ back end on apollo lake NUC with 8g ram - record to SSD drive - running Libreelec- will watch telly on the front end, / Or install tvheadend on a RPI2 as a dedicated backend,

    I current have the backend / front end intalled on the NUC as to minimise network traffic, but will a seperate backend by more stable? thoughts, impacts on channel switching etc


  • I would leave everything on 1 device...the NUC is more then capable to handle all those scenarios...I got a similar setup on a RPI2 and isn't bad at all..recording/streaming at same time..

    If I had a Nuc I would use it as a backened instead and use the Rpi with the TV but for local streaming won't do much difference if no transcoding is involved..