S905W device doesn't booting issue

  • So I got a cheap S905W device the other day D Bengo X5 (D.Bengo X5 Amlogic S905w Chip 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Android 7.1 OS Internet TV Box - $29.47 Free Shipping|GearBest.com) I've installed LibreELEC onto it and flashed it as I really don't want Android on it. Now when it works, it works without issue, but the issue I have is that it doesn't always boot, sometimes it just hangs on a black screen.

    Prior to this Android would boot everytime without issue, so I'm presuming it's something I've done (probabaly a coincidence, but the issue only started happening after I powered it down via the remote once).

    It's not the biggest issue, as I can just keep unplugging and plugging back in till it boots, but was just wondering if anyone knew what might be causing it or if there's anything I can check to resolve it?