Z83V bios need

  • Hello,

    I'm new here and looking for help to "unbrick" my Z83V mini PC.

    So I was bought one from aliexpress but it had only Linux Ubuntu installed.

    Tried to install Win10 x64 but no any success, always get the error : ACPI BIOS ERROR.

    Tried different windows versions (10 and 7 ) also tried to boot from a portable win10-x64 but got the same error.

    Finally I tried to re-flash my BIOS with one found on internet using EFI Shell command but after upgrade my PC never start.

    So no I need one BIOS file .bin to program with an ofline programmer.

    Can you please somebody point me where to find a bios .bin file?

    The Bios on my was YB1 0.07 x64. I think is similar with YB1007.

    The label on the PC inside is "Z83V 5 32+2"

    see the screenshot about BIOS:

    Thanks in advance.