pvr.dvbviewer- is crashing on all LE 8.x builds and Alexelec.

  • I tried it with several 8.x builds and alexelec and on all it is the same problem.

    when i start "deluxe music sd" on european astra satellite and then i cycle through the miniepg channel list with the up/down button and after some seconds box freezes and 30 seconds later it just reboots.

    Settings/PVR & Live TV/Playback "Confirm channel switches by pressing "OK" is ENABLED so it doesnt switch to the channel!

    Is the addon damaged?

    I dont have this with coreelec but since coreelec isnt stable i want to go back to a 8.x build but with this problem now ... :(


    CRC-32: 7487862b

    MD4: dcf187d473e0bf0614cb987e3f683f5e

    MD5: 74708027612753346b6c58978ca48423

    SHA-1: 0b008da18a83a9a4aea31b221e96cdba65bc75ec

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  • It also happens with other pvr addons.

    why isnt it fixed yet?

    i mean this version is called "stable".

    and overall this is the only bug i have with

  • why isnt it fixed yet?

    Because it´s a single User issue ?

    I use every day and every day ..... it just works