LE8.2.5 Bluetooth pairing problem on RBPi3B+ after restoring a backup from RBPi3B

  • Hi folks,

    I have a problem with BT pairing after restoring a LE8.2.5-Backup created on RBP3B on a fresh RBP3B+ install.

    After the restoration most entries in the list of BT-devices are without name and/or cannot be connected to (Harmony Keyboard). :/

    Before i restored the backup, BT was working and pairing fine - but i dont want to loose all my custom skin settings etc. ;(


  • Hi,

    I got the same issue (but using a fresh install 8.2.5 in a RPI 3B+).

    Pairing never works. I tried restarting, reinstalling... nothing works, does someone achieved to work with Harmony elite + LE + RPI 3B+? (maybe i need to install an old version of LE)