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    first of all thanks for helping me.

    Database is MariaDb.

    So after reproducing the issue this morning once (here is the kodi.log: and the kodi_crash.log: ), so i changed the language / time zone as log date/time are not really correct, and retried to reproduce it, and after more than 20 tries, no more crash.

    I'm almost sure that this was not the source of the error (probably a coincidation), but at least for the moment, no more issue which is the most important!


    I'm running with libreelec since a while without any problems, but recently one of my devices is crashing.

    Actually i run 1x Kodi on a Nvidia Shield (so standard kodi for Android Tv), + 1 x LibreElec on a Rapberry (9.2.6) + 1 x Kodi on Windows (standard Kodi). They all use the same library on my database (stored on a Synology Nas), they all are running on Leia Kodi.

    So my issue is on the Raspberry one, at launching the system crashes when loading the library, so the sytem reboots, and after few restarts, the system is usable, but without anything in the library (so i can use the folders only). I tried to reinstall the system from a fresh install, and the issue is still there.

    I suspect that the issue is that after some adds in the library, maybe there are too much thumbnails cache, or something like that, so i chekckd on the system the available space:

    chambre:/flash # df -h

    Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on

    devtmpfs 367.4M 4.0K 367.4M 0% /dev

    /dev/mmcblk0p1 511.7M 140.6M 371.1M 27% /flash

    /dev/loop0 127.5M 127.5M 0 100% /

    /dev/mmcblk0p2 13.9G 28.3M 13.8G 0% /storage

    tmpfs 373.9M 0 373.9M 0% /dev/shm

    tmpfs 373.9M 8.0M 366.0M 2% /run

    tmpfs 373.9M 0 373.9M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup

    tmpfs 373.9M 2.6M 371.4M 1% /var

    tmpfs 373.9M 0 373.9M 0% /tmp

    Is it possible that the problem is due to this "loop0" file system which is at 100% ?

    Remark: Thumbnails are also shared on the nas with a "pathsubstitution",

    Thanks for your help.


    First thing, thank you for this release, it is really great to have an all in one media center with retrogaming.

    Well, i dont' know if its due to the RR release but i'm facing some issues with the Blutooth. I'm runing on a RPI3B+ and i was using on the bluetooth 3 devices: Logitech Harmony, and 2 PS3 BT gamepads, and all was working fine (pairing ok, mapping ok, all was fine).

    I have also in my room a RPI3 with the same release, and last week I paired 1 gamepad to this one in order to play in my room.

    Since that, I'm unable to repair it again on the first RPI, I already tried to pair, disable/enable blutooth, stop/start bluetooth service from putty, tried unpairing from the 2nd RPI / power off this 2nd RPI, and I tried to "Delete" the PS3 gamped entrie on the devices list, since what i'm now unable to find it again, I tried also to reset the gamepad, and nothing is working.

    Any idea?