Logitech Harmony with fresh LibreELEC 8.2.4

  • Hello everyone, fresh LibreELEC user here :-)

    I have some experience with Kodi but just recently received my Odroid C2 on which I installed LibreELEC 8.2.4. First of: What a great, lightweight system and amazing video rendering on the C2 (compared to my full HTPC rig I was using for years).

    I'm having a problem, though, that I've searched for up and down this and other forums: I can't get my Logitech Harmony remote to work with the integrated IR receiver of the Odroid. I've read all the topics about LIRC not being used anymore.

    It seems I'm just doing something very wrong. I only installed LibreELEC, disabled the CEC adapter (read somewhere that it needs to be turned off for IR remotes to work) and that's it. The rest is pretty much default settings. LIRC is disabled, eventlircd is running. I'm using the "Windows Media Center" profile on my harmony which is supposed to be a basic RC6 remote. Pressing buttons doesn't do anything, no matter how short or long the button press / distance.

    Could you please help me troubleshoot this? I'm an experienced Linux and Kodi user, but I have never had to make an IR remote work ;-)

  • I'm got a Harmony Ultimate (Working on Cubox-i and RPi) and the only profile I have got to work with "most" commands is

    Microsoft : Media Center SE with rc6 and I've tried most of them as well as BT without much success.

    I didn't disable CEC so not to sure if you need to.

    Worth reading Wiki if you still have problems.

  • What model Harmony do you have? Your remote might be looking for bluetooth. If your droid supports bluetooth, then enable it in the libreelec settings.

  • I'm using an old Harmony One remote - no bluetooth just IR. I just found the Hardkernel Odroid C2 profile in the Harmony software, which works without a problem.

    It's not perfect, because the Hardkernel remote only has few buttons.

    Does this give you guys a clue on why other (RC6) remotes are not working? Maybe the kernel's IR driver is set to the official Hardkernel remote?

  • I know it's not a lot of help to you - but it might be for others.

    I gave up with IR and used the Harmony pre-defined profile of Microsoft : Kodi

    This allowed me to connect via Bluetooth and because it has a full keyboard, I can now define what I what the keys to do. I now have a FULLY working remote with the commands I want.

    But it is such a rigmarole... Logitech have no real idea about Kodi - their Database is still based on XBMC - not Kodi.

    Happy now.