Alot of movies constantly buffering using LibreElec anything I can do?

  • Simple question is this a Hard drive power draw issue ?

    Be aware plugging multiple 2.5" Hard drives into ARM based devices at the same time is bound to cause trouble unless you use a powered USB Hub for reliability.

    3.5" Hard drives with their own power supplies will be OK.

    All my Drives are 3.5 External HDD's with their power supply and I have only 1 Harddrive connected to the Minix at the same time.
    Most of them are WD elements, some intenso, and the one with the buffering issue is a seagate. I will test with some other drives aswell this evening as I have the movies spread out across many harddrives.

  • chrisssj2

    I suggest you get a tool like DiskMark or similar and simply run a performance test on the HDDs. Perhaps it's not the box but the drives.

    4-8MB/s is a far cry from being enough for 120mbps video. Remember there are 8 bits in a byte. So for 120mbps video, you need your drive to be able to transfer at the very least 15MB/s.

    But I don't really see why the drives are so slow, USB 3.0 HDDs today should be able to copy over large files at close or even over 100MB/s.
    On the box they'll be limited by the USB 2.0 interface, but around 30MB/s should not be a problem, and is plenty fast.

    Ok so WD Lifediagnostic checked out OK. no faults.

    Here are the result of Diskmark, default test settings:

    Normal drive without issue:

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Buffer issue drive:

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Not sure what To tell from these screenshots.

  • Well the drive seems to be just fine. I don't really know why it's not playing smoothly as it should.

    Have you check the temperature of the SoC? (run 'cputemp' in ssh or check from kodi)

  • I think I experienced the same issue like chrisssj2. I'm using the minix uh9 with the latest 8.90 devel. I only had this issue when I connected my Intenso Memory Station (1TB) to the minix. Besides the external there was a DVB stick connected. Currently I'm not using the external drive anymore but I can test later with the mentioned file and provide a log file if needed.

  • Bought a new harddisk transffered movies over and they don't have the problem anymore. Weird though since the old harddisk from tests seemed "fine"