howto compile 8.2.4 with custom libcec

  • I have created a build vm using ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (server)(x64)

    After following the compile procedure and attempting to build 8.2.4 rp3 image the build failed and advised I needed to install texlive.

    I installed texlive and the image completed the build with no errors. Should this requirement be on the wiki?

    Now that I have built the standard 8.2.4 image I now want to build an image with a custom libcec that i have forked on github

    I'm not sure how to replace the existing package with my package

    Any pointers would be appreciated

    • Official Post

    Either change PKG_URL to point to your repo and set PKG_VERSION to the short githash of the commit that you want to include (typically git HEAD of the branch), or create a git patch of the commit that includes the changes you want, and add that to packages/devel/libcec/patches/libcec-xx-description.patch, then re-run the build command and changes to the package will be detected, old code cleared, and new code with changes built.