Upgrade Legacy Nvidia Card for which card ?

  • I was reading the following topic: Hardware support.. Why no Nvidia 304.131 moving forward?

    But I've got a little question.
    I Got a HTPC that has a Zotac GeForce GT 730 1GB GDDR5 in it,
    beeing that that card is been marked as legacy for which card should i replace it ?
    Main reason why i want to upgrade because i also beta test new skins and other fixes.

    My HTPC has the following main components:
    CASE: Moneual Moncaso 320 Slim Line
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3
    CPU: Intel Core i5 661 Boxed
    GPU: Zotac GeForce GT 730 1GB GDDR5

    I don't want to replace the HTPC for something complete different,
    I choose a HTPC because it fits with the rest of my components (Receiver, Decoder, etc)
    The card should support all HD audio formats,
    I Don't watch 3D movies or need 4K support yet.

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  • I know but that chipset seems to have the biggest issue with 23.xx.
    That's why i choose a nvidia card.

  • I don't understand your question?

    Whats wrong with your GT 730? It should support everything.

  • Hmm,
    I think I don't understand the topic I linked.
    I know the card plays everything I throw at it.
    But what I understand from reading the topic I linked,
    My card won't be supported in Krypton or newer releases because it's marked as a legacy card (seems I used the wrong word earlier will change that)
    So it won't get any driver updated also anymore.

  • You're card is fine. Anything 4xx series or newer is supported by normal nvidia driver.

    Even then the legacy nvidia driver supports all the way back to 8xxx series gpus.

    see, Appendix A. Supported NVIDIA GPU Products

    the confusion may come from the fact that the guy in the the linked thread is wanting to use a 7900, which is not to be confused with your 7xx series card. the 7xxx series came out in 2005-2006 and was the last of the AGP cards before switching completely to PCI-E.

    see, GeForce 7 series - Wikipedia

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  • Okay tnx for that you made everything clear.
    Was almost disappointed because I bought this card 1 - 1.5 year ago to replace my AMD card when I decided to ditch Windows as HTPC OS.

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