How to create Youtube video playlist?

  • how to create Youtube video playlist and where to upload it in KODI? I prefer to create playlist on ubuntu computer, then upload it into KODI. As far I know, the playlists locations are:

    music playlists


    video playlists

    mixed playlists


    I created Youtube playlist as list of URLs separated by tab, saved as extended .m3u format and uploaded it to 'mixed' folder. Rebooted, browsed to that folder, but playlist show just URL links. How to create video playlist with thumb preview? I tried also music playlist in m3u format, it works correctly.

  • Using a browser on Ubuntu; create an account on YouTube and sign-in to that account, add items to a playlist. Now sign-in to the YouTube add-on in Kodi and the same playlist(s) will be visible and useable. Playlists in Kodi are not integrated with YouTube.

  • when playlist autoplay, and video switches to the next track, the TV screen goes dim, only the timer is slightly visible, and it takes quite a long time till video will be ready. Is it normal Kodi behaviour?

  • The transition between items in a playlist depends on the processing speed of the device, speed of internet connection, how inputstream.adaptive has been configured, and (often) the increased Kodi cache settings the user applied in the wrong belief it would improve playback.

  • tv box have 2GB RAM, internet connection speed via wifi about 55 Mbps, all Kodi settings are untouched (default). So I suspect this is hardware issue, Amlogic chip can not smoothly process video data, despite the video is not HD.

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  • I installed Amazon VOD. when I try to launch it i get the error message..inputstream.addaptive is missing on my kodi install. When I go into my addons I don't see the VideoPlayer Inputstream option

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