? about LE support for a keyboard and USB hub with an S905X box

  • I loaded LE on an MXQ Pro 4k box via SD card and it works well. No problem watching video from my local USB drives, just some script errors when using the Bello skin which dont interfere with video playback or navigation. The problems I've had is trying to use some mini keyboards and USB hubs. I bought a mini keyboard which seemed to work fine at first but a week or so later had occasional trouble pairing with the box until it refused to pair at all. I thought the keyboard might have been defective so I returned it and bought a Rii i8+ but it refuses to pair at all as well. As for the hubs, I've bought two powered, well-rated hubs from Amazon but neither works with LE at all. I have one USB hub that works 100% but is unpowered so can't work with a couple of portable drives I have. I assume the problem is with LE since the keyboard and hubs work fine when I use the OS that came with the box (which unfortunately makes Kodi very sluggish). When I use LE, the portable drives dont appear at all. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • I figured out what to do so I'll post this for anyone else who has the same problem. I had been trying to connect the mini keyboard and powered USB hub while the other USB hub I mentioned was already plugged in. I unplugged that USB hub and after restarting the box, added the powered USB hub, followed by the keyboard.

  • Good friend, may I know which external powered usb hub you are using?:?:

    Leave the models here because I bought one and it did not work!/shrug

    If anyone else has external powered usb hub using LibreELEC we say please.:thumbup: