Strange issue with libreelec and STP settings on my switch.

  • Hi There,

    I am experiencing some strange behavior of LibreElec on a NUC7I5BNK. I have several Sonos devices in my home. Two of these devices are connected to the LAN to force Sonos to use its mesh wireless network rather than the home WiFi. All other Sonos devices connect through this Sonos wireless mesh network. The Sonos devices make use of STP because one device can be connected with wireless and LAN at the same time. Below you'll find a picture which explains the connections concerned.

    My LibreElec database/library is on a MySQL server on my nas-server as well as my media files. Now here is the strange thing: when I enable STP on the DGS-1100-05-PD switch, LibreElec says "Your library is currently empty". When I disable STP on the DGS-1100-05-PD LibreElec shows my library as it should.

    I can ping the NUC7I5BNK from my laptop and when I login in to the NUC7I5BNK with ssh I can ping my nas-server. All with reasonable response times.

    My kodi.log file (STP enabled on DGS-1100-05-PD)

    In the kodi.log file I see error messages that state that kodi can not connect to the MySQL server. But why? A NAS server is not a switch and has therefore nothing to do with STP. My NAS however has 4 ethernet ports and supports link aggregation, but only one ethernet port is used to connect it to the Netgear switch and LACP is not enabled as far as I now.

    I'm a bit puzzled here... Can anyone shine a light on this.



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  • Hi there,

    I think the problem was on the d-link switch. I can configure the spanning tree portfast mode for each port in 'disabled', 'edge' or network. The default setting for the switch is 'network'.

    When I set eth3 (the port where LibreElec is connected to) to 'edge' my library shows up.

    It look like it's solved but it still leaves me with a big WHY? Any network specialist here who can enlighten this behavior?