Add built-in Java support

  • Hi vpeter

    Great, the BD menus are displayed and I can also select the options.

    One question, is the app "JRE for BD-J menus" current for LE11 and Kodi 20.1?

    Because, if a movie was started via BD menu, then I can not control the Kodi player.

    Except Stop function, the Kodi player does not respond to any other command like change audio track, change subtitle track, fast forward, fast rewind, change chapter.

    Without BD menus, I can control the Kodi player with the remote.

    What is the reason for this? Have I set something wrong? Do I have to set anything else?

    Works the operation of the Kodi player for you?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi vpeter

    Oh, that is very sad.

    Why was the cause of this not investigated further?

    What could be the cause? It's always the Kodi player in both cases, isn't it?

    Without BD-J menus the player can be controlled and with BD-J menus the player is almost not controlled.

    Is there any chance that this problem will be investigated and solved after all?

  • I think this issue was discussed in this thread.

    I would say no on cares for BD menus which means no one is actually working on it :D

  • What a pity!

    So there is no developer who is interested and fun in ISOs with BD-J menus?

    Why don't the users who want this feature find a hearing?

    Very unfortunate!

    Kodi 20 directly on Windows, I seem to remember, here the control of the player worked better.

    Are you no longer interested in this vpeter ?

  • Hi

    If Kodi 19/20 is installed on Windows 10 (HTPC) then you can also control the Kodi player if the BD-J menus are enabled.

    Which JRE version is installed by the app "JRE for BD-J menus"?

    Which libbluray file version is currently used by Libreelec?

    How is Kodi player controlled by Kodi when BD-J menu is enabled and when BD-J menu is not enabled?

    What does not work here with JRE to Kodi 20/Libreelec 11?

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Unfortunately I have no idea about developments and programming. Otherwise I would like to help find the difference between Kodi-Windows and Kodi-Libreelec with BD-J Menue.

  • I guess the work from fandangos on a JRE Kodi addon for Android is known.

    JRE Addon for Kodi (Android)

    JRE Addon for Kodi (Android) Release

    Add precompiled JRE binary, keyboard/decoder profiles

    It seems to work better with the player.

    Fandangos added a keyboard profile and a decoder profile to the latest JRE Addon release.

    Maybe the keyboard profile is the solution for bad control of the player with the JRE Addon for Kodi (LibreElec)?

    Would perhaps be possible to collaborate and troubleshoot with fandangos?

  • Fandangos added a keyboard profile

    After reading some discussion I assume this keyboard profile is used to open Kodi menu on long press the Enter button? This behaviour can be changed by every user modifying the file.