Audio glitches since few days, when changing audio input codec [walkaround solution]

  • Hey All,
    first of all, i havn't change anything on my audio settings or setup.

    Since a few days I got clicking noise, when changing audio input codec,

    eg when I listen to a audio playlist and the next song has another codec then the last one (MP3 --> AAC, or something)

    I got this also when audio device get active/off

    The most bothering one is, when I watch TV via DVB-T2 the tv-show changed and got another codec....

    My setup:

    odroid C2 via hdmi to Kenwood receiver

    But I don't think, it's the hardware, as I said, it's since a few days, my first thought was, a related addon or something was updated, but I saw nothing

    Can anybody help me, at the moment it's very annoying....



  • Sadly no one?!

    But I've got a walkaround solution; I set the output configuration from "optimized" to "best match". Now the clicking noise is gone, at least very quiet...

    I think "best match" is not a worse setting, than "optimized", maybe someone has another clue and why this is happened at all.