2nd Profile, no option for 'add network location'

  • I've got my Master profile set up for grown up content and created a 2nd profile for the kids with separate media info and sources.

    The problem that I have is that I do not see an 'add network location' option under the kids profile.

    The only way I could add content on my Master profile was using this option to connect to smb shares on FreeNAS (the smb option did not work for me).

    Any advice is very much appreciated!

  • Each profile has its own global settings. Try setting the Kodi's GUI settings level to 'Advanced' or 'Expert' for full menu options.

  • Is Settings / Media / General / Show "Add source buttons" enabled?

    'Add network location' should be available anyway when using the "Browse for new share" window, looking for a new video source.

  • 'Add network location' was already enabled.

    I did find the source of the problem: Unlock sources on the view options was not enabled!