System fails and restarts when playlist tracks switching

  • Hello, friends! I'd like to tell one old bug, typical for different Kodi and xELEC builds for Amlogic platform. I fight with it on my S812 and S905 TV-boxes during last few years, using different versions LibreELEC builds from kszaq and not only... but it still here.

    I run my box mainly as WEB-radio, using a music playlist with online streams (for sample playlist see attachment).

    Very often, when i switch between tracks of this playlist (without stopping the playback of previous track), system fails and goes to reboot. Usually, several track switching is enough to restart, maybe up to 8 maximum.

    No such effect, if i switching between mp3 tracks from local or SMB drive. Only if online streams. Also no such trouble in Kodi on Windows.

    This behavior is typical for different versions of Kodi for Amlogic. I'm sure, anyone can catch it, using attached playlist.

    maybe, there is a chance to resolve it?