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    It works, thank you very much!

    I've mirrored to (from my experience, files can be available for quite a long while): Cloud Storage

    Thank you very much for sharing. It's only one I've made running on my S905X TV-box with latest CoreELEC 19.2 rc3 Matrix. But, I wonder, what's happens with Transmission settings since 9.2 versions?? Where is it now? How I can find "watch" directory? Pls. help!

    Thank you!

    The whole remote setup changed between those two versions. What worked for 8.90.2 will not work for 8.90.4 - Guaranteed. The change is well documented in the introduction post to 8.90.4


    Thank you, Stephen!

    But now this already not actual for me, because 8.90.2 seems also not stable enought... So, i'm going deeper and deeper back to find more stable release... Up to now all recent Amlogic Kodi releases have one common bug with WebServer (it works bad if remote HTTP-control connection used during long time). Maybe problem in linux core, i dont know.


    LibreELEC:~ # ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0
    /sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory

    What could it mean in fresh LE 8.90.2?

    All files in proper places, all they and DTB was cheked with 8.90.4, and all was fine (except stability..)

    Thank you


    Pls help to fix issue... In LE9.0 doesn works Kodi built-in functions in "/storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps" .xml files as it described in List of built-in functions - Official Kodi Wiki

    In previous versions of LibreELEC i've used a specially designed rfav_radio_pls.xml file for switchig online radio channels directly from num keys of ir-remote. All online streams are stored in one Radio.m3u playlist.

    For starting playback, i'm using in keymaps.xml commands like this:

    "<numpadtwo>PlayMedia("special://profile/playlists/music/Radio.m3u", playoffset=2)</numpadtwo> <!-- #2 Chocolad FM -->"

    but now, in Kodi 18, parameter "playoffset" doesnt works anymore! Every key (with any offset), only track #1 starts to play.

    What could changes and how to fix this issue?

    Big thanks for any ideas...

    xml and m3u files in attachement

    EDIT: Added Kodi.log for swithing channels #1, 2, 5.

    yes.. actually check if file loads by executing

    ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0

    if this gives an error delete comment from file..

    Thank you for advice.

    This is what i get in putty:

    Pls. decribe, what you mean under "error"? i see no any errors in my output.

    But nothin works(

    btw, i've checked EOL conversion in Notepad++ for my edited m8s config file. It's Unix.

    And wich "comment" do you suggest to remove?

    I have no ideas where to find a reason..

    File for m8s II mini s905x

    Oh! It's absolutely same remote with same S905X! But codes absolutely different))

    Friend, could you please catch your remote scancodes of OK, UP and DOWN keys in the ssh terminal manner, as in my previouse post? Could you share log of this to compare with mine?

    I hope, it could help me to find a problem... thank you!

    Hello everybody)

    Pls. tell me why different NEC remotes uses a different lenght of codes in it's rc_keymaps files: 3 or 4?..

    Maybe, there is a secret?)

    I cannot up my remote with S905X box.

    When i tryed to catch codes from my IR-remote (using procedure from 1st post), i've get codes like this:

    But, when i tryed then to insert those codes into files taken from other similar boxes (i'm use as tamplate m8s from this topic), trying to replace original codes with mine, nothing works. No any reaction on keypressing.

    indeed, i'm carefully follow instructions from 1st post, stsrting\stoping services and using command "ir-keytable.....". noway

    What's wrong?

    Thank you for any ideas.

    Dear all,

    I've just installed 8.90.4 on clear SD for gxl_p212_1g device. All perifery working fine, but there is issue with addons.

    Some of it, ven installed form LibreELEC repositiry, cannot find dependency - Unavalible.

    When i open "Defendencies" list and click to this item, nothing happens.

    For a simple, "System Tools" by Team LibreELEC.

    What a reason, how to fix?

    Thank you for any help.

    Hello, friends! I'd like to tell one old bug, typical for different Kodi and xELEC builds for Amlogic platform. I fight with it on my S812 and S905 TV-boxes during last few years, using different versions LibreELEC builds from kszaq and not only... but it still here.

    I run my box mainly as WEB-radio, using a music playlist with online streams (for sample playlist see attachment).

    Very often, when i switch between tracks of this playlist (without stopping the playback of previous track), system fails and goes to reboot. Usually, several track switching is enough to restart, maybe up to 8 maximum.

    No such effect, if i switching between mp3 tracks from local or SMB drive. Only if online streams. Also no such trouble in Kodi on Windows.

    This behavior is typical for different versions of Kodi for Amlogic. I'm sure, anyone can catch it, using attached playlist.

    maybe, there is a chance to resolve it?

    Hello friends, need help!!
    I've totally fill a interanl storage in Amlogic S812-based TV-box running LibreElec 7, starting to downloading movie by torrent with default download path (pointing to \storage\downloads). So, download was stopped when \storage becomes full)
    Okeay, i've found my mistake, disable torrent service and restart the system. But! Now i can't remove no files from storage, becouse filesystem is read-only! So, how can i clear it?
    I've tryed anything: samba connection from Windows, WinSHCP and even Puty with "rm -rf <directory or file>... no way.

    What could i remove my partial download from storage and make it writable again? i dont want to make factory reset of system, i want to save my config.
    Please, give me advice. Thank you!

    I like Libreelec S905x support, linux for powerfull 64 bit quadore cpu just great. But how can i use readonly squashfs SYSTEM image as rw ext4 rootfs? I would like to install new software etc..

    It turns out, when I try to change init script inside initramfs.cpio through Archive Manager (Ubuntu), it changes cpio compression switches. So kernel cannot extract initramfs and halts. Instead I changed init file in, deleted already built kernel, image etc, rerun make...and now i have rw LibreElec system booting.

    Albundy, hi
    Thank you for very interesting topic
    looking for continue of your story) pls tell how you plan to use new possibilities? What to install?

    Hello everybody,
    Pls give a little help to nubie
    I'm using portable USB HDD as file storage with LibreELEC 7.0.2
    Its name in system looks like sda1_XXXX, it shared via SMB, everything is OK.
    My system runs 24\7 and i share this drive as network storage.
    But from time to time i need to take this drive with me, and when i come back and connect it to the same USB port, it name in the system changes a little.
    For a simple, new name looks like sdb1_XXXX.
    At the same time, old drive name sda1_XXXX also exists, but empty)
    Becouse of such behavior, all network paths and relative settings destroyed...
    After system restarting, all turns back to normal situation, a see only sda1_XXXX with proper files.

    How could i tell the system always mount my removable drive under same name?

    thank you for support