WP2 freeze after some time playing tv from tvheadend

  • Hello guys, i am using LibreELEC on WeTek_Play_2 with official image: arch64-8.2.2.img, pvr plugins: HTS Tvheadend 4.2.3-20 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.112 on brand new WP2, with dvbs tuner.

    Freezeis happening, when watching tv, if it happens, i cannot connect via ssh, only hard-reset device. I thnik TVHeadend is not working fine, because i was playing with timeshift function, which is now disabled, but i can still timeshift, even i disabled it in tvheaend config file. Maybe i am wrong, but i do not know from logs what is happening. Thank You for Your advice.


  • yesterday i reset tvheadend. Today i found, it is freezing even without playing tv channell. But this time, i was able to login via ssh. Kodi was not running. I have enough. I will try from scratch again and add functions slowly...

  • with new installation - from the beginning, with card formatting, i installed only tvheadend client yesterday, tvheadend service and added samba share as a source. In tvheadend added link to picons, no dvr, timeshift...

    I left it playing tv, and found id today 7:45 freezed. I am very pleased with this device. I would be really thankfull to anybody who could help, as i am considering return of this device.