Odroid C2 with LibreELEC 8.2.1 and UHD res

  • My reciever is capable of UHD upscalind and passthrough.

    Pioneer VSX 1123-k.

    Having said this I can not get LibreELEC to select the UHD resolution.

    Max LE sees is 1080P @60.

    I would like to set it to UHD @ 30 or @60.

    Any ideas?

  • I'm going to try and connect directly to TV see what happens.

    Just tested it and looks like the receiver is the culprit here.

    I connected the Odroid directly to TV, and rebooted and it worked, while on I connected it to the receiver and it passed the signal through.

    Is there any way to force said resolution in LE?