CEC problem with S905 device

  • Hello,

    I have a Beelink MINI MX III (S905) device. And I have problem with CEC. I disabled the CEC adapter from System configuration.

    I have 2 problems:

    1. When I power on the device, it power on the TV too. I don't want to power on the TV, because I use to reboot remotely the device at night.

    2. When the TV is off and the device on. If I push the TV POWER key on the TV remote to power on the TV, the device goes power off.

    I have others S905X and I have not any problem with this, I disable the CEC adapter on the all other device and they work well.

    Could I share any log or debug information to the developers to fix it?

    Thanks for your great work.

    Kind regards.

  • If you have Android on internal memory, boot to Android and disable CEC there.

    If you don't, try using this command: fw_setenv cecconfig cec0

    Thaks kszaq!

    I don't have Android on internal.

    I try fw_setenv cecconfig cec0 and it works!

    Is this a disable command? How could I enable again? Could I have a complete command list for fw_setenv?

    Best regards.

  • fw_setenv is a command to manipulate bootloader env variables, there is no "list" of commands. If you want to see what values are stored, use fw_printenv.

    fw_setenv cecconfig cec0 disables CEC in bootloader and in Android. IIRC it doesn't modify CEC behaviour in LibreELEC.

    To turn it back on, use fw_setenv cecconfig cec17.

    You can also reset all u-boot env variables to their default values by running fw_setenv upgrade_step 1 - this is an Amlogic-specific command, it will also disable booting from SD and USB for devices without native dual-boot.