LibreElec way of working

  • Hello everyone, i’m new of LibreElect and I would like to ask you what is the principle behind booting up LibreElect from a SD card without change the original firmware? Could you please address me in the right direction? Where are stored the set of files that are doing this magic so I can study them? Also, do I need to check the bootloader documentations or ufficial Android docs? Thanks in advance for any reply

  • Sorry for the spelling mistake.. my question was more specific on which folder do I have to look at for the firmware code and where it changes the code to boot from a sd card. If you can please point me in the right direction it will be great.

    I have an amlogic mxq box bit I would like to port some part of the code on another Android device to run Linux on it.

  • You can keep asking, but no friendly guide for hardware porting exists, and there are no plans to create one. There is an extensive library of "prior art" in our GitHub repo. If you have the skills for the task, or the aptitude to learn them, everything you need is there.

  • Thanks for the answers, they are really useful. I can also see newbie like me have issues in having a working toolchain set up quickly. Any suggestions?