LibreELEC use intel HD instead of nvidia GPU

  • Hi,

    LibreELEC use the intel HD GPUinstead of Nvidia GPU ?

    My GPU is a GTX 960M with an I7-7700HQ.

    Even if HW is activated it's still Intel HD .


  • The Intel GPU is perfectly good to use, and it works, so why bother with the nVidia one?

  • If you want to render 3D images all that power is useful. If you simply want to play hardware decoded video, it's irrelevant.

  • Kodi in LE v8/v9 uses VDPAU for nVidia cards, which is no longer developed, and VDPAU only supports 8-bit HEVC. LE v10 will not support X11, so unless nVidia get their VDPAU replacement sorted in the next year, LE 11 will not support nVidia cards :)

    FWIW, the un-powerful Intel CPU supports 10-bit HEVC today, and the future GBM/V4L2 graphics architecture that will replace X11 in LE.