Total Fail with Intel NUC DCP847SKE

  • Just as the title says. Streaming videos do not work, either online from the 'net or off of my NAS (Synology 212J). Many errors with many addons (ie. Backup), errors with NFS accessing my NAS. I went back to OpenElec 8.0.x and no problems. (I suspect some issues with Python since the Logs always address Python).

    Yes, I did upgrade my Intel NUC BIOS to 11/2017, and that did not make a difference. I know that you need to consider many hardware platforms, so I can understand. It is unfortunate that my Intel NUC doesn't play well with LibreELEC. :(


    PS: If you want some logs, I guess I could go back to LibreELEC but I don't want to re-create my database and configuration again. It was very frustrating, especially since I would like to keep my Raspberry PIs and the NUC on the same OS.

  • I use LibreELEC on my NUC daily.

    Please don't complain that something doesn't work and then not post any debug logs about your issue.

    Most likely if you have add-on issues it is because LibreELEC 8.2 uses a newer version of kodi than OpenELEC 8.0 and some add-ons may need to update. It's impossible to know without a log.

    You don't have to touch your databases at all. You can simply update to LibrELEC from OpenELEC.