Kodi fails to decode FTA Channel!

  • I’m using latest libreelec 8.1.2(WETEK PLAY2) and trying to watch free TV channel, the channel name is "GALA 2 HD" and the frequency is (Eutelsat 7B/11304 H/DVB-S2-8PSK-MPEG-4-HD/29700-2/3) I’m using latest tv headend (vr. as backend and kodi Krypton 17.4 as frontend when I switch to this channel kodi start endless buffering and can’t decode the channel but when I switch amcodec to software rendering the channel decode successfully but as you know s905 soc is not power full enough to decode HD channels with software decoder at full speed, WETV in android can decode this channel successfully so I think there is problem with libreelec not amcodec. I attached the kodi logs and recorded video sample below if someone has any knowledge to help me I really appreciate it, thanks

    Ps. I have same problem with LE 8.2.

    Kodi log

    another KODI LOG

    Recorded video sample


    Edited 5 times, last by Aroosha: I have deleted your log, they belong on a paste site, not inline in the forum. Try [code]paste .kodi/temp/kodi.log[/code] ().

  • do you really think that those small snippets from your logfile might be helpful? It's not even a debuglog ;)

    So please enable debug logging, restart your machine, try to reproduce your issue and then grab a new (complete) logfile.