How to enable longpress on Fire TV low button remote - Chromebox M004u Libreelec 8.1.2

  • Hello,

    I'm on Chromebox M004u, CN60 Celeron 2955U

    OS: Libreelec 8.1.2

    Is there a way to enable Kodi longpress feature to work with this low button remote?

    These keycodes all work perfectly for regular presses:

    <key id="0xa6"> # Up button.
    <key id="0xa7"> # Down button.
    <key id="0xa9"> # Left button.
    <key id="0xa8"> # Right button.

    <key id="0x0b"> # select button.
    <key id="0xd8"> # back button.
    <key id="0x25"> # home button.

    <key id="0x2c"> # hamburger 3 line button.
    <key id="0xe2"> # Rewind button.
    <key id="0xea"> # play/pause button.
    <key id="0xe3"> # FF button.

    So, for example, this works:

    Pressing the hamburger 3 line button, will correctly do NextSubtitle in this example:
    <key id="0x2c">NextSubtitle</key>

    But longpressing that same button will not do this SubtitleSearch and instead will just press NextSubtitle (0x2c) repeatedly, very fast.
    <key id="0x2c" mod="longpress">ActivateWindow(SubtitleSearch)</key>

    I'm not using lirc, nor do I want to, and I don't believe longpress can work with non-keyboard LIRC remotes anyway, but for completeness, here are my lirc codes:

    # irw
    67 0 KEY_UP devinput
    6c 0 KEY_DOWN devinput
    69 0 KEY_LEFT devinput
    6a 0 KEY_RIGHT devinput
    160 0 KEY_OK devinput
    9e 0 KEY_BACK devinput
    66 0 KEY_HOME devinput
    171 0 KEY_TITLE devinput
    a8 0 KEY_REWIND devinput
    cf 0 KEY_PLAY devinput
    d0 0 KEY_FASTFORWARD devinput
    9e 0 KEY_BACK devinput
    9e 0 KEY_BACK devinput
    cf 0 KEY_PLAY devinput

    Any ideas? Thank you

  • If I understand the config correctly eventlircd will translate the button presses from the firetv remote into lirc events - and longpress won't work.

    You could try disabling that, then button presses will show up as keyboard events in kodi - with some different key ids though, eventlircd also remaps a few buttons, eg KEY_KPENTER to KEY_OK - see /etc/eventlircd.d/aftvsremote.evmap. No guarantee all buttons will work and you'll also have to create a keyboard.xml file on your own.

    Easiest way to do this is to run the following command and then reboot - eventlircd will still be running but it won't translate any remote events into lirc events:

    : > /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/98-eventlircd.rules

    If it doesn't work just remove the empty udev rule file and reboot:

    rm /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/98-eventlircd.rules

    so long,