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    I'm on Chromebox M004u, CN60 Celeron 2955U

    OS: Libreelec 8.1.2

    Is there a way to enable Kodi longpress feature to work with this low button remote?

    These keycodes all work perfectly for regular presses:

    <key id="0xa6"> # Up button.
    <key id="0xa7"> # Down button.
    <key id="0xa9"> # Left button.
    <key id="0xa8"> # Right button.

    <key id="0x0b"> # select button.
    <key id="0xd8"> # back button.
    <key id="0x25"> # home button.

    <key id="0x2c"> # hamburger 3 line button.
    <key id="0xe2"> # Rewind button.
    <key id="0xea"> # play/pause button.
    <key id="0xe3"> # FF button.

    So, for example, this works:

    Pressing the hamburger 3 line button, will correctly do NextSubtitle in this example:
    <key id="0x2c">NextSubtitle</key>

    But longpressing that same button will not do this SubtitleSearch and instead will just press NextSubtitle (0x2c) repeatedly, very fast.
    <key id="0x2c" mod="longpress">ActivateWindow(SubtitleSearch)</key>

    I'm not using lirc, nor do I want to, and I don't believe longpress can work with non-keyboard LIRC remotes anyway, but for completeness, here are my lirc codes:

    # irw
    67 0 KEY_UP devinput
    6c 0 KEY_DOWN devinput
    69 0 KEY_LEFT devinput
    6a 0 KEY_RIGHT devinput
    160 0 KEY_OK devinput
    9e 0 KEY_BACK devinput
    66 0 KEY_HOME devinput
    171 0 KEY_TITLE devinput
    a8 0 KEY_REWIND devinput
    cf 0 KEY_PLAY devinput
    d0 0 KEY_FASTFORWARD devinput
    9e 0 KEY_BACK devinput
    9e 0 KEY_BACK devinput
    cf 0 KEY_PLAY devinput

    Any ideas? Thank you

    I can guess at the problem.

    I think you are maybe confusing the word FLIRC with LIRC.

    Do you have this dongle?


    If so, that is the FLIRC dongle, which allows you to use any remote control with a computer, without using LIRC.

    LIRC is Linux Infrared Remote Control. It is how remotes talk linux computers, unless you have a FLIRC.

    When you use a FLIRC, you don't need to use LIRC.

    FLIRC makes your computer think that any remote is just a regular keyboard, and not a remote.

    Hence no LIRC services are necessary.

    FLIRC and LIRC have nothing to do with one another besides confusingly similar sounding names, and the fact that that they both deal with remotes.