Use USB 2.0 External Sound Card Adapter (UGREEN)

  • Hi, I use OrangePi with Libreelec

    LibreELEC (community) Version: devel-20170315124903-r1-g8c36222

    LibreELEC git: 8c362221c7927b203fe76ea8a3deb37a297e5e33

    what works fine.

    Now I want to use this soundcard. How can I activate it?

    Is it possible to use the MIC input for my analog old LP Player?

  • AFAIK the only allwinner images in circulation are based on a collection of OpenELEC era patches ported over to the LE build system. Nothing in that image has been created with our knowledge so we have no idea what can be configured on the image with your unknown soundcard and unknown (and to us, unsupported) hardware. It's probably best to ask the unknown creator of the unknown image.