Raspi Kodi 17 can't connect to sql server with encryption

  • Hi guys

    So I have a shared library mariadb sql server which I have set up for TLS encryption. It works from my Windows 10 PC where I have added the certificate files to the kodi userdata folder and added the following lines in the advancedsettings.xml file




    However I can't get it to work on my Raspi's running Libreelec 8.0.2 where I have also put the cert files in the userdata folder and added the following to the advancedsettings.xml




    Does anyone have experience with using the sql encryption options in Kodi that can tell me how to get it working?

  • I use tls with mysql in libreelec and it works. Can you paste your kodi.log while trying to connect?

    also check rights on your cert, think you need 600 or openssl wont use them

  • I have tried setting the cert permissions to both 600 and 777 with no difference. I also did the verify command on my server to check that the certs match. Got the following:

    1. openssl verify -CAfile ca-cert.pem server-cert.pem client-cert.pem
    2. server-cert.pem: OK
    3. client-cert.pem: OK

    My log looks like this: Kodi.log

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