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    Evolveo H8

    I have tested version j.
    Atmos and THD are back, thank you for great work. All sounds are OK and all formats of video and resolutions HEVC, 4k, VC1, VP9, VMW3 etc and containers WEBM, M2TS etc are OK too.
    I tried suspend function.
    Short press power do nothing
    Long press power do power off.
    Command suspend from menu start screensaver and menu remains, press suspend again a machine suspends.
    From suspend short press power and all system starts.
    For me is OK.

    On my machine - when subtittles are displayed (on HEVC video 4k) I'm recording a jerk or stutter or jitter ( i do not know what it is in english), only in this moment, when subtittles continue all is OK. A new subtittle and again. I tried all GUI FPS, 50, 60 24, it is the same.
    I tried test file from YT for 24 FPS. When is played all is OK, but when I start f.e. seek bar, smoothing is out.

    Super work.

    Strange, i have downgraded for change no to c version, but to e version, all is OK, all files with DD THD audio. Only FPS changing is other, f.e. I stream trailer from, TV changes FPS to 24, plays cca 2-3 sec and changes again to 24 FPS and plays normally.
    From disk TV writes "automatic" 1-2 sec pause a then changes to 24 FPS and play normally. In version c all changed immediately.

    In versions f and h i have no DD THD sound, in versions b and c and e yes. Machine is the same. :) (Evolveo H8)

    I tried a new version h on my Evoleo H8. Again no sound on Dolby thd, only silence - deocoder off. On version C is all OK. Really.

    Examples without sound.



    This is only DD THD 5.1 no sound too



    In version C is all OK......

    A little more testing Evolveo H8.

    I'm not sure whether the new version has better resolution switch.
    My TV is on 60 fps.

    In version b I starts film 24 FPS, my TV writes 24 fps immediately and changes fps.
    In version c I starts film 24 FPS, my TV writes AUTOMATIC cca 1 sec. does nothing and then write 24 FPS and changes FPS.

    In version c no one clip is played in 24 FPS, I tried on clips in "4k demo" filtr found. It is playing 4k well, but all have 60 fps as my TV.(My mistake)

    I thought YouTube with filter.....

    I do not know, what I can say. This version is perfect for me.

    DD+ 5.1,7.1 OK
    VP9 4K OK

    I took for testing complete folder of Antutu test, where are many formats, containers, fps, etc. (mov,rtmb,flv,wmv......2k,4k)

    No one file crashed. All played.

    Pelican Both videos play fine here. As I understand you both guys have devices with 3GB RAM? As far as I can tell there is a bug in kernel code that breaks H.265 and VP9 decoding on 3GB devices (mine is with 2GB). The bug is fixed in latest Amlogic kernel but the update has some serious bugs and I'm (slowly) working to fix them.

    Thanks for your work.
    But to quote - H265 plays very,very well as MKV, only VP9 no. Android plays VP9 well, f.e. with SPMC.


    The file is even Main10 with DTS sounds and PGS subtittles, plays very well.

    Someone already has 912. I tried Kodi all versions, SPMC,FTMC, Plex, Archos etc. All of these programs are developed for many years and I have not found anything miraculous. :)

    This experimental version only after several weeks of development plays a sound at least as my old Dune BD Prime. I hope the author will continue "performing miracles".

    I have in Estuary NO tearing.

    VP9 and VP8 play in SPMC very well.....I think splitter for webm is bad.

    Webm is MKV for streaming I mean, DD+ play not on my box in nothing, only and aonly in Archos Video Player.In MXPlayer no too. Strange. Archos has own codecs.....

    It is clear is experimental, but already now better as all android versions of Kodi, what I saw. :cool:

    Example for 4k webm


    Download as webm, nothing.

    Download as MP4 - all is OK.

    To Pelican

    Is is strange, you play DD+ as local file or no. I have tested only from NAS.

    I have tested the last version more about 3 hours. No one crash. No one. It plays all what I need, very thanks to author.



    It plays not files with DolbyDigital + (EAC3), only picture, sound is silent. MKV and m2ts too.Examle from Kodi wiki - the first file from HD audio


    This file plays only Archos video player, no one more.


    It plays not 4k WEBM file, no picture, no sound, downloaded from YT. The same file as MP4 is played well.

    Some file cannot be downloaded as MP4 in full 4k, only WEBM.
    SPMC plays this files without problems, MXPlayer usw. too.


    Evolveo H8 (AArch64)