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    Uninstall the add-on and make sure your addons/packages folder is empty before reinstalling otherwise your box will reinstall the cached old version.

    I have just deleted these two files in addons/packages folder:

    I tried to install it from the CoreELEC repo and says Installation failed. Then, this is the zip which appears in addons/packages:

    Any clue? Thanks!!

    darioml Can you attach the fd628.service folder in the 'Addons' folder so I can take a look?

    The one that's installed from the repo, that is.


    I uninstalled the one in version 1.1 and installed the 1.1.100 available in CoreELEC repo. This is the service.fd628 folder in Addons. This one does not show all symbols.

    Now, I will delete two files in packages folder related to this add-on, as GDPR-2 says: and

    I'm not sure why it auto updates to the wrong version. The driver is still very much a work in progress, and there was a big change made to it after 8.90.6, which prevents the older addon from working.

    You can keep updates disabled for now, there won't be any more updates to it on the official LE repo.


    I have updated my Vorke z6 to CoreElec 8.90.0.

    The FD628 Display service version 1.1.100 in CoreELEC Add-ons 9.0.0 repository is still working wrong. The only way to make my display work properly, showing all the symbols, is by installing the version 1.1 you pointed me.



    In Vorke Z6, the LCD works perfectly with the DTB you gave us here.

    I ran the tests given in you test_lcd post and all the icons showed up perfectly.

    Moreover, I ran the following steps given in led_control.txt and all the icons showed up when they were commanded:

    Well, in order to test the ethnet led I had to unplug the ethernet cable, since when it was plugged, the ethernet icon was always on, regardless the command given with the echo.

    Good job :)

    darioml  GDPR-2  Tim_Taylor

    From the attached Android DTB, it looks like the GPIO pins are different, so the X92 DTB will not work for the display on the Veroke.

    I adjusted the values according to the zip you attached, hopefully it'll work now, please try this DTB.

    Great!! Thank you! :)

    It works perfectly for the Vorke Z6 (S912). It is quite impressive how fast you dealt with this. I hope everyone with a box with an LCD can make it work in LE. :thumbup:


    I have just tried the following builds from adamg in a Vorke Z6 S912 box:

    I installed the Add-on->Service->FD628 Display, but the LCD remains in "boot" the whole time.

    I ran your without any error, but no change in the LCD. (BTW, give eXecutable permission to the FD628Service file in the zip). After a while I stopped it.

    dmesg shows the following:

    Here is the content of the /proc/device_tree/fd628_dev in Android. I cannot find the dtb file. Where can it be? The /boot folder is empty.

    Thanks for your efforts :)

    [...] the main sticking point is that Team Kodi plan to introduce changes in Kodi v19 possibly that would remove all of the current hacks and workarounds that make Amlogic work at present and therefore will make Amlogic devices incompatible with LE/Kodi in the future.

    What are those changes? Could you give us an advance? In the past, they removed support for some tricky hardware, but the efforts from the community of developers behind Amlogic to merge all of this must be presented, not as signs of trickiness, but as effective support...

    I hope you change your mind and go on collaborating with the rest to fight back and make this come true! :)

    When I said free I meant that developers do not get paid as usual, except those ones in big projects or the ones "given" by companies to the community.

    Besides, you are speaking of huge projects, which are highly financed, and I was speaking of the GNU spirit which moves a home developer to build a driver for his printer and give it to the community, or as a hobby, modify a small framework of his favorite ROM and publish it with the sources, or provide a patch to the problem he has just discovered, or even publish his whole Computer Sc. project of an operating system kernel in a newsgroup... I was speaking of the GNU spirit which moves those small ants to work for free for themselves and the rest for a Like, a Thank you, or a beer (nowadays), of just for fun.

    Of course, there are ways of finance them, specially those one involving full-time developers, facilities, servers, etc, (support is very common), but I was speaking of cases like this one: making for free (not earning) LE work (much better) in chips which their vendors do not care in Linux, but just only Android and quite poorly. For that huge work, they should be recognized and respected.

    Similarly to this problem, GNU community should have dropped all efforts on AMD/ATI open source drivers and keep on with the proprietary ones, as a result of being angry with the no collaboration of AMD. And many other examples, where open source drivers, APIs, applications or operating systems have overcome the proprietary/commercial ones.

    Naive, maybe, but that's how this Linux/GNU movement began and, as far as I can notice, what this Amlogic issue and these developers are about.

    We choose not to work with Android box vendors who ship "fully loaded" piracy devices that harm Kodi. We choose not to work with cheap manufacturers who provide terrible support for low-quality hardware and expect us to provide free support and software in return for a couple of samples and the opportunity to put their logo on our download page. In fact many of our contributors purchase their own hardware (or allow the project to buy) to avoid feeling beholden to a manufacturer because they accepted something for free. This position does sadly narrow the options on who to work with a bit, and the approach where we have bona-fide vendors like WeTek/HK having 'official' releases causes a problem because everyone else wants to be official too.

    Sorry, I do not agree.

    The main goal of the Open-source community is to provide support for everything for free and, usually, in their free time. Thousands and thousands of drivers have been made by the community for years, from the very beginning a new hardware is out in the street till nobody, but the deveoloper, uses them, doing reverse engineering, somehow overriding and patching whatever similar libraries are found, etc. Never mind, against all odds! That's the spirit!! Laughing at huge enterprises which only provide (sometimes quite poor and crappy) Windows (and/or Mac) opaque support! (Nowadays, this has mainly evolved to cheap and crappy little brief companies/chips/devices with Android support).

    Another completely different war is to battle Kodi logos and trademarks in those chinese devices you say, believe me, and that is nothing related to this issue.

    Anyway, do not blame a child for whatever his father or ancestors did to you.

    Thanks for joining your efforts and knowlodege into this, GDPR-2, afl1 and kszaq :thumbup:

    Any chance that the Vorke Z6 LCD may work as well, like the TX3 one? If not, what info could I submit to help?