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    i have managed to mount my roms on my nas drive following these instructions on the lakka forum (asked the same question on there couple of years back and it still work on this build)

    Remote storage of roms - Lakka - Libretro Forums

    Es can't find your roms, if you are using a USB make sure you have the file sx05reroms. And make sure the roms are inside a su folder for each system (e.g. NES, SNES)

    Just realised I wasn't giving my mounted share enough time to load! Opened es after 30 secs and it's up and running!

    Where is it referenced the system names required for the folders? Managed to get snes nes and n64, psx doesn't seem to work?

    ive got the same issues as you, with the same box too!

    im not that savvay enough to do what youve done, ill have to wait for a update/fix. thank you for your time and effort in finding the issue!

    i was using the s82 builds, should i be using the m8 build??


    I too am getting this issue with the latest 8.0.1 image released on the 25th march. Had no issue with the 12th March version you released? Its as if something has changed bootloader wise between the 2 releases??? several folk seem to be getting this error.

    Using the S82 image on a minix x8h

    Any chance you can re upload the 12th march 8.0.1 release

    Sorry just seen your reply will try tomorrow and report back

    Just got the 8.0 working yesterday on minix x8h , what are the advantages of 8.0.1 and how to update ? I'm running from sd card. Thanks

    Use your pc to navigate to your minix box using samba share (windows explorer)

    Download the s82 img.gz release and put it in the update folder on your box. Reboot the box and it will update automatically for you

    You need a game pad, press and hold a button to configure your game pad :) you can also configure a keyboard, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    What do you mean by this? RA has no sound? Kodi has no sound? or nothing at all has sound?

    No sound at all. The only audio output option I have on this LE release is bluetooth pulseaudio.

    On the LE8.0e release which this is based on I get all the audio output options you would expect for my box

    So i burned the s82 img.gz file using etcher on sd card , enter recovery mode on the minix x8h and pressed reboot , the box always boots to android. What am I doing wrong ?
    Pic attached

    Did you burn the img.gz with etcher or did you just copy the img.gz file onto the sd card?

    If the img.gz is correctly burnt onto the sd card and the sd card inserted to the minix x8h box, the next time you boot into recovery it automatically updates your box to dual boot LE and android with LE being the priority if the sd card is inserted at boot