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    OMG I saw your kindness too lately!

    Of course I wanna test it How can I sownload your build? Thank you very much!

    1. Write the image to SD card

    2. Upgrade multi-boot (using a toothpick or Android app). When you activate the multi-boot method of a toothpick - do not hold down the button long after the appearance of the screen saver button to let go.

    3. If the system fails to boot from SD card (within 10 minutes). Record the same image on the USB flash drive. Turn off the TV box. Unplug the TV box all USB device. Connect the USB flash drive. Turn on the power (buttons NOT push). 4. If the system does not start from USB stick. Try new image (write to USB) and instrucktion step 3.

    Pay attention, this procedure is suitable only for those images that are on my website. For images Dimetris need to use a different start order and check (he described in his topic).

    Of course I did that your explain exactly

    I've used your image also in the past

    But I couldn't get success what a pity I am

    Firstly thank your for your work and open mind, (with Demetris collabo)

    But I have no luck I couldn't success to install my M8S with your image

    I tried LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3_20170614.img and LibreELEC-S812.Test.arm-17.3_20170614.img

    both of all. When I use .update folder in installed Demetri's image 'File system corrupted' error display

    and I tried record SD and USB memory with rufus,

    When SD inserts : M8S logo blinking contiues, and not change

    when USB inserts : into android recovery and that's all

    Although I couldn't succeed but I have to say thank you very much balbes150 :)

    I love your S812 armbian! Glad to meet you here! :)

    If I would be able to install any of balbes150 images on an SD card in the ENY M8S box, I pesume that I would be able to update it with Demetris MXIII-1G image and test it !

    I could install balbes150 LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3.img.gz on another M8S box that I have (a clone with a BCM4330X wifi) and as you mentioned tvheadend42 is not working with this build (wifi is not so important for me).

    Could you install any of balbes150 images on an SD card with the ENY M8S box ? Can you say which specific image ? I have tried several images and all failed.

    When I install balbes150's image I used SD card and USB memory both.

    Because I met blabla 120 seconds error display.

    1. Any balbes150's M8S LAN1000 image burn to SD and USB both of all

    2. Using toothpick method with SD card and s805 script works then you can see blabla 120 seconds error.

    3. Do same process above with USB memory (maybe outside one of two usb ports)

    4. You can install balbes150's image to USB memory! Done!

    but after balbes150's image install, I can't use .update folder Demetris's image. However you can use update folder

    same developer's image.

    I tried balbes150's image too. balbes150's image works fine to power on/suspend and can install on SD card. But I couldn't install tvheadend 4.2 and wifi+bluetooth doesn't work for me. So I looked for lots of images finaly I use Demetir's image, it can't install independetly but I satisfied over all. If I can mix balbes150's image and Demetris image it'll be the most perfect image but I can't. I know only windows and command prompt not linux :(

    I guess the worst thing that can happen is that the card doesn't boot. I don't see any aml_autoscript files, so if booting for the first time what files are needed?

    If you download LibreELEC develop version and unzip file you can see factory_update_param.aml with 2 files. These files put to SD with formatted FAT32 and then using toothpick method you can install libreelec to nand. This method same as your android firmware update progress, so if your device gone to brick you can unbrick it easily. I don't know how do you understand that I say. Cause I speak English likes Korean cause I'm Korean :)

    I'm looking to install this img on a 1g MXIII G. I have a couple questions: I have an older build written by Wilro version 7.0.2 running off an SD card:

    [ROM] Unofficial OpenELEC for MXIII-G & Tronsmart MXIII+ - FreakTab.comI'm not sure how to install the current Demetris image. Would the method still be to copy the Demetris img to the .update folder and reboot?

    If not, I'm not clear on the method to use - img to SD then toothpick boot?

    I would appreciate some help with the install method.


    If you running any version of openelec or libreelec on SD I think you just put new image to .update folder

    Toothpick method needs only first time install that I know