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    the release announcement for LE 11.x final (and all beta releases)

    Sorry, I must be blind! Where are they?

    From the Wiki:


    WeTek Hub/Play2

    Installing LibreELEC to internal eMMC storage

    I did not want to install to EMMC-storage, so this article was not for me.

    Diagonal stripes: as written in an earlierpost I found the reason. I did not set the name for the device. After i changed to the right name, the box-image bootet.

    One last question: why isn't anywhere near the images a hint, that the Wetek-receivers won't work?

    The Wetek-Play boots with the box image, but the image on the monitor has greenish diagonal stripes. Nothing is recognizable. Same thing on another monitor.

    Edit: found it with reading the whole thread once more: name-variable ...

    Now the Box starts. If I see it right, there is no driver for DVB-device within the box-image?

    More confusion! I want to work the OS from SD-card. But

    1. you tell me, I have to overwrite Android.

    2. I should first try the image from SD-card



    I am confused!

    All I want is to run my Wetek Play-box with a new version of Libreelec (it is now working with 9.0.2). So I downloaded the Wetek-Play-2-version…11.0.0-wetek-play2.img.gz, unpacked it and wrote it via dd to a fast SD-card. My Linux-computer shows two partitions with the first bootable. Inserted that card into the Wetek-box and the card is not recognized as bootable device, the box boots WeOS. tried all that with another card (128 and 64GB).

    Now a read the wiki, but that article has instructions for installing to EMMC. Then I read this thread and now I don't understand: is this image meant for the Wetek-box to boot from SD-card like before? If no, must I clear the EMMC-storage? If yes, why is the box not recognizing the SD-card as bootable? Is the built-in tuner working with this image or not? What has he box-image to do with all that?



    BR media will be different - there you need to add a keys DB.

    Now I got it. And the former Answer should have said:

    "There are no specific DVD-Key, only for Bluerays, because those are different. "

    If you are able to play DVDs you are also able to see the menu at the DVD.

    Quite difficult, on some Disk's the playback stalls at copyright instead of playing the copyright-message and goto menu. On my Linux-PC I can press the menu-key and everything's fine.


    Obviously it´s hard to differ between DVD and BluRay

    It'not ! Why do you assume, I have Blueray-Disk and want to play it with a DVD-Player? Because I asked, what a BR is?

    I have an external-DVD-Player ! and want to play DVD's ! with it. At first, there was no DVD-Icon within Kodi, it appeared, when I chose a region, why-ever. (On PC it's not necessary). OK, now I can play a DVD, but I can not find specific-DVD-keys, eg. "How do I call the DVD-menu"? Do you know any?


    I have now Libreelec 9 installed and can play not-encrypted DVDs. Where can I get dvdcss?

    There's a small issue: the standard-function is "open" the directory, but it should be "play". Is that changeable? I have to use the context-menu.

    Another one is: "open" and "open" in the context-menu, where the first is "open directory" and the second "open the drive".


    I searched a lot and got no solution for my question: "How can I play a DVD with Kodi/Libreelec on my Wetek Play 2 or Raspberry Pi?". I have an external DVD-Player for computer-use, which plays fine with my Linux-Laptop and my Linux-PC. I do not need dvdcss, because I just want to play my own self-burned DVDs (normal video-dvd-format with nav-menu). Dvdcss would be my next question. And I don't want to play any VOB-files, because the solution I want is for women and kids too: insert DVD, chose DVD-Player and play. I read a lot about "you need VLC", but where do I get VLC for my ARM-device?

    Any advice?