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    hi could you let me know how i would go about removing this please

    Hi all,

    I just installed libreElec on this hardware (NUC6CAYS), all is good but no wired ethernet is seen. I have to use wifi.
    Is there anyone with this problem? Seems very strange to me that no one is mentioning this issue, so hopefully I am making something wrong.

    Thanks for your support.

    I use wired on the Nuc6cays no issues here have you checked it's enabled in the libreelec Addon? turn off wifi in there and enable wired connection see if that works
    Also can I ask if your menus are totally smooth as mine are slightly stuttery

    yes replied to you on the other thread im pretty sure its not a dri issue now as i went back to the alpha build you were originally using and menus are the same sluggish on that build also.
    using my chromebox and the menus are butter smooth maybe a driver/firmware update will sort it but have turned sliding off for now and its better im thinking as its so new then futher development will sort it out.

    Make an xorg.conf file in /storage/.config/ with this content :

    1. Section "Device"
    2.   Identifier  "Device0"
    3.   Driver      "intel"
    4.   VendorName  "INTEL Corporation"
    5.   Option "TripleBuffer" "false"
    6.   Option "TearFree" "false"
    7.   Option "DRI" "3"
    8. EndSection

    TripleBuffer and TearFree options settings are up to you. Better having them set to false for Kodi.

    hi i have tried this on my nuc6cays and cant see any difference is there anything else i need to do to get this working as the menus are still sluggish

    Hi all I have a Nuc6cays and except from the ongoing development with audio pass through I have another small problem which I hope somebody can shed some light I have installed a standalone libreelec version the latest one and seem to have slightly choppy menus nothing major just not smooth like it should be
    I also have a chromebox which the menus are totally smooth and can't see Any reason why the nuc is not the same
    I'm hoping somebody could shed some light on what could be causing this and maybe help with a fix