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    As for issues when switching profile, please provide a log (journalctl -u service.librespot)

    Please check Aug 28 11:39:16 HTPC systemd[1]: service.librespot.service: Service hold-off tim - if you can find some hints for the issue while or after switching profile. Eventually there are some warnings, errors and fails.

    In addition, I faced also an (greater) issue, when I upgraded to new kodi alpha via raybuntu's rb-leia6 => NO sound:

    Sep 09 23:35:50 HTPC systemd[1]: Started librespot. Sep 09 23:35:50 HTPC sh[791 -
    I can selected Kodi in Spotify as device, I can also play a song and Kodi displays the artist and song name on the top right (osd), BUT I there is no sound... On the configuration, there is no option "Kodi" in "Output". Under "Output" I am able only to select "Programs". So I selected "Programs" and via ALSA I changed to HDMI, which I have also selected in Kodi -> preferences -> system -> audio device.

    Hoping for helping ;-)

    Thanks for the work.

    It is working here, but not at boot. I need to navigate to the plugin and disable/enable it.

    Hey awiouy,

    similar here. However on my side it happens, if I switch the profiles.

    When I switch the profile from one profile to another, your service becomes inactive (my spotify app cannot find the kodi service). After disable/enable the addon, then it work again. Any idea why?


    maybe I should note here that even the older 100a version (2 weeks ago?) works with an ODROID C2 (32bit raybuntu krypton13 or 14).

    However it doesn't work reliable. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. If not, I restarted the device, which increases the chance of success. But if it works, it works great. Like a car: if it rolls, it rolls ;-)

    I will test your new version tomorrow to give you newer feedback if needed!

    Most of the time that error is just a red herring and the wifi will actually connect if you try it again.

    Yes you are right. It works for me. However getting an error does not feel right. And even it does work, I need to enter it very often, because LE does not save my wifi connection correctly. Even I got a star on the connection, it does not auto connect to it and requires the password. Maybe there is a link between this wifi-error and that my LE doesn't want to save the wifi password.

    Believe me, I tried tens of times and it does not associate. Even opening the AP, without WPA2.

    Connman does not create the folder in /storage/.cache/connman so I manually created it, with the proper mac address, by adapting another one I had from a thumb adapter; it still does not associate. An android AP is also no good.

    How long do you need to enter the password? About 2 minutes or much faster?
    Connman fires also this "error" notification if it took too long to enter the correct password. In connman config you can increase the 120sec up to your desired timeout.

    I know this is an older topic, however I ran into the same issue today.

    I bought a new RPI 2, installed LE 8.0.0 and put in a "EDIMAX EW-7811UN"-Wireless-USB-Adapter.

    When I try to connect to my fritzbox (after I entered the correct password [WPA+WPA2]), it drops the same message: "Network Error. "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote app[...]".

    Some experience with this?

    It means the version of inputstream.rtmp in the Kodinerds repo was compiled against an older (now out of date and incompatible) Kodi API version.

    Install the officially supported (and compatible) one from the LE repo - or post in Kodinerds forums.

    Thx for response!

    Actually I tried to install the official inputstream.rtmp from LE repo.
    I went in the UI to Addons - Addons browser - Install from repository - LibreELEC Addons (8.1.0) - VideoPlayer InputStream - RTMP Input (by spiff) -> install

    This leads to the error above :(
    Do I need to change a version number manually or something like that?

    I don't know what this error is but I would advise you to update LE to 8.0.0 and install inputstream.rtmp from official LE repository that you can find in Kodi addons menu.

    Thanks for your answer.

    I updated to 8.0.0.
    When I try to install the inputstream.rtmp ( I get following in my log:

    ERROR: ADDON: no available versions of inputstream.rtmp

    The other inputstream (adaptive) was install-able.

    So, what's this error mean? Do I need to updated something else? :-/

    Hey there,

    I have installed inputstream.rtmp-1.0.4 (inputstream.rtmp).

    When I try to open my strm-file (content: rtmp://192.123.456.789:2000/test), it leads to following log file error:

    What does this error mean? How can I handle it?

    - Odroid C2
    - Libreelec 7.95.3 BETA (Kodi 17 final)
    - MonaServer + OpenBroadcasterSoftware (RTMP Server + Streamer)