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    Hi bite_your_idols,

    I'm planning for a fresh re-install of LE 8 testbuild including Gamestarter on my Pi3. Would you be able and issue a version 2.0.3 of Gamestarter with the fixes included since 2.0.2 version? I'd be happy to report on any findings during the re-install...

    done! I included in github repo so it will be included in next release.

    Great! Thank you very much for this nice piece of work!

    Next to my love of MSX games I'm also keen of NDS and Nintendo Game & Watch games. I found the first to be supported by desmume and the second one by gw-libretro emulators. Unfortunately I could not find builds though on index · powered by h5ai 0.27.0 (, yet Retropie supports them if I understand correctly. So I guess the Pi would be potent enough to run these kind of games? Any chance you could add these emulators to Gamestarter too?

    Yeah! River Raid! I saw it on your youtube link! Brings back memories I didn't realize I had LOL!

    I found the game rom and I can run it fine on fMSX. One thing though... in the main menu I need to choose one or two player option, using keypress of a number... I have never figured out how to map the number keys in libretro type of emulators. So I'm getting stuck in the main menu of this great game (just like some of my other favourite MSX games) .... someone any idea how to map (at least) key numbers 1 to 4? This is used a lot in MSX games to choose between 1) 1 player keyboard, 2) 2 player keyboard, 3) 1 player joystick, 4) 2 player joystick

    If someone can give us a hand here then we'll make Sevren68's mum very happy!

    To be precize some keys do work in fMSX (arrow keys), others not (A, B, X, Y). Where should I look for the config file(s) that may be the culprit?

    Found it! I replaced the default fMSX core ( of Gamestarter plugin 2.0.2 by the one on index · powered by h5ai 0.27.0 ( and now all works fine! Can you include this version (217.342 bytes files size) in next Gamestarter version?

    For amiga emulator we are using a binary compiled for openelec by an user, and also I needed to get some required libraries... I made the effort because it is a system I used when I was a child, but now I am using libretro-uae4arm in my installation, because I don't like to use keyboards and complex configs, that's another reason why I choose retroarch.

    It is strange that fmsx doesn't work with keyboard... I preffer bluemsx because it remaps basic keys to gamepad, but when I tried fmsx with a keyboard I remember it worked... also, if it works in lakka it must work here, as you say, maybe is something related with input or core configs inside retroach, you can take a look...

    To be precize some keys do work in fMSX (arrow keys), others not (A, B, X, Y). Where should I look for the config file(s) that may be the culprit?

    I'd like to play MSX games with a keyboard. I prefer fMSX core over blueMSX because the first supports save states. Yet the keymapping in fMSX is not passed though from RetroArch, so I cannot play games ?. In Lakka this does work perfectly, so I guess it should be possible with a small config change. Btw for blueMSX it is working. Any pointers how to make this work using fMSX core too?

    Sorry, it has been my error, a silly typo error... try downloading again... sorry again...

    Installed this latest version and copied all ROM files from a working fMSX installation from a Windows PC to the bios folder and started testing.

    Found some issues:
    - EmulationStation won't start
    - From RetroArch:
    - fMSX: Emulator does start, but games run way too fast and keyboard and xbox 360 controller keys are not mapped
    - blueMSX: Emulator does not start

    You are fast as lightning! Keen so see if it worked I:
    - updated to LE8 Testbuild #0525
    - uninstalled Gamestarter & AdvancedLauncer using Kodi add-on menu
    - downloaded and installed it
    - rebooted
    - checked for biosses/roms. They were still there
    - tried to start both RetroArch and EmulationStation using Gamestarter... both failed to start...

    Thanks. Tried new version of retroarch binary. I does start up now, yet RetroArch fails to do next items:
    - Update any item (GUI starts to act strange when an updater is chosen from menu)
    - Start any MSX games, using either fMSX or blueMSX core
    - SNES games do work (with both pre-installed cores!), yet RetroArch fails to add an SNES console menu item

    Any pointers? Or should I wait for LE8 package? I'm quite eager to learn when this version will come available ;)

    First of all awesome initiative!
    I have installed the add-on on latest LibreELEC Kodi 17.0 testbuild #0524, 24-May-2016 (LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)).
    Installation went okay, only needed to enable AdvancedLauncer post-installation.

    So I copied the MSX bios files into the emulators/bios folder and some MSX 1 ROMs into emulators/roms/msx folder. Then started the RetroArch frontend... screen went blank and poof... back to starting the Kodi interface. Also tried EmulationStation frontend, which started okay. Emulationstation found the MSX games but refused to start any game.

    Also tried some SNES games (put into emulators/roms/snes). Same results as for MSX games.

    Next tried AdvancedLauncer. Went to MSX entry, added the items (found the games!). Starting the MSX entry raised the error "Advanced Launcer - Error. Target category not found". Then tried SNES entry, added the items (found the games!). Same error message.

    Any pointers? Should it work at all on these cutting edge LibreELEC Kodi 17.0 testbuilds?