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    Went out and bought the Asus GTX1050 2Gb Phoenix video card at $50 more than a GTX 1030, it's nice and small + runs off the motherboard for power

    Fully wiped/uninstalled LibreELEC 8.0.1 & reinstalled with LibreELEC 8.1.0 beta with v304.135 Nvidia legacy driver to add 10-bit HEVC support

    I now have really, really great video quality with abolutely no sign of banding, pixelation or artifacts what so ever :)

    SWMBO said the overall picture is a fair bit sharper, I think it could be a little bit, but we both agree that the contrast is a quite a lot better as is the overall picture quality

    In video setting there are now a sharpen & a noise adjustment option which I left alone

    At the computer shop everyones pretty excited & hyped up about Coffee Lake

    With my Minix neo X8-H Plus I flashed it with Lollypop but went back to Kitkat

    After many tests I put the MyGica? variant of Kodi with Estuary skin on it.. works great except for any HEVC .265 they make it run too hot (if they work at all) and gets the very mild judders

    I was looking at either the U9-H or the U1 which takes LibreELEC okay

    I've been converting some videos with handbrake to H.265 to halve the space they use on my NAS as it's at 90% full .. maybe easier to buy another NAS and leave them at H.264

    So I'll wait till my NAS is 95% and see what comes along support wise for video cards and Gemini & Coffee Lake cpu's

    Thanks for all the advice, it seems that the GT 1030 will only decode & playback HEVC H.265, so I might try one as a cheap option for now .. but an upgrade to the GTX 1060 would also give the ability to encode as well

    There still are current Nvidia Linux Driver updates, whether these have the same support as Windows driver I don't know

    Might look harder at all this ..

    The HEVC H.265 10-bit decoding videocard will smooth out the pixilation, artifacts and banding etc

    The Gtx 960 is the first graphics card that supports HDMI 2.0 and comes equipped with a hardware-based H.265 or HEVC video decoder

    So I just assume that the GTX 960 & upward cards would be ideal as a future proof videocard for a HTPC

    I know there is hardware and software decoding and I don't fully understand these

    But the theory for my set up is

    - The video on a harddrive is in storage

    - it's accessed by software with help from the operating system on the CPU

    - then sent to the graphics card for hardware decoding then on to the TV for viewing

    what am I missing here that I don't understand?

    I am up in years, and try to simplify thing so as to not get too lost

    No the G4620 at about $40 extra

    I'll check out this Nvidia/Kodi state of support thing .. never heard it mentioned before?

    the GTX 960 & up .. are a requirement for smooth play HEVC 265 10bit?

    I run libreELEC from a mid tower PC

    MB: Asus Z97k

    CPU: G3258

    Ram: 2x4gb 1333

    Video card: gtx 660ti

    With latest video format HEVC 265 10bit

    I get pixilation, artifacts etc – especially in darker areas

    After researching here my questions are

    1/- Should I upgrade the videocard to a GTX 1060?

    If so I might build a new (better fitting into the lounge room) mini PC around the card with say a G4620 or i3-7100 on GA-H270 Motherboard etc

    2/- or buy a Minix neo U9-H, I'm a bit edgy about this, I do have the X8-H Plus which does not handle HEVC 265 very well, it ran hot if it played them at all

    chromebox is just stuck on the boot screen with a message about invalid argument

    I'm a boots & all, so I'd do a factory reset and do a fresh install of LibreELEC 8
    .. BUT .. if you do that you will wipe everything off it, so if you have any valuable data on the chromebox, back that up first

    Hi guys first post here so please be kind, at the minute I have a chromebox running openelec but I want to replace openelec with LibreELEC but not sure on how to go about this, has anyone got or know of a "simple :huh: " way of doing this has I'm a bit thick now a days when it comes to this short of thing. Many thanks and sorry if something like this has been asked before.

    Hi, I'm new here also, first timer to this, but installed openelec 2 weeks ago then just updated to LibreELEC .. Put LibreELEC update on a usb, then went to update in openelec and just pointed it to the usb file and updated ... last night I updated that to LibreELEC 8 over the net
    Read this for more help

    BTW LibreELEC 8 is really the best thing I've done HTPC wise (I used to use plex)

    So a big thanks to all the great work by everyone