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    It's not just ISOs - I find the behavior consistent (either works or doesn't work) between the original DVD and the ISO.

    Since posting, I've confirmed that the behavior appears to be Kodi related, as it also fails on my Kodi installations on Linux not just LibreELEC.

    When playing DVDs or ISOs I've noticed with LibreELEC that the title menu/dvd menu of the disk often doesn't appear. The menu music/sound or sound will play (once the trailers are skipped or played), and pressing Enter/OK will start the movie. Trying to jump to the title menu always yields a frozen image of the whatever was just playing, with the correct sound for the menu. Selecting a submenu typically loads the menu image and everything is good until a track is played, then its back to moving the invisible cursor on the invisible menu.

    This was not a problem I often had with OpenELEC and don't recall having with Kodi prior to moving to OE/LE. I'm running 8.0.2, installed using the manual update feature of the LibreELEC menu.

    Any ideas?