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    Seems my issue was the existence of the v107 videos database, maybe as a result of trying v8 beta's previously, once this was removed the database upgrade completed as expected.

    That sounds a bit odd... I only have the 'MyVideos107' video DB in my MySQL but start/restr actually never fails.

    All LE boxes (1 RPi2, 1 RPi3 & 2 Intel "NUC's") and MySQL server hooked to same 8-port Netgear GS108 Gigabit switch with CAT6 cables.
    30 sec. 'Wait for Network' on all enabled on all LE instances.


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    I don't think that works if you've updated straight to krypton. You'd need to enable any addons copied directly into the .kodi/addons folder.
    If you move from OE to LE jarvis, then move addons in, restart then update to LE krypton it should work.

    My bad, didn't think about the version difference when it comes to add-ons!

    But actually, that's the only folder I currently backup besides advancedsettings.xml.
    Everything else is manageable in LE but add-ons are pure pain.

    Is it possible to hide (or unmount) drives on a dual boot system?

    I see the second drive (always shown as '/win') in file manager.

    I'm a bit worried that some at home goes there and changes something...
    Only thing I found so far is set password for file manager but I'd like to know if it's possible to totally remove/hide it wihin LE/Kodi.

    If the add-ons is the biggest issue, You can just take a copy of ' /userdata/addon_data' folder to safe location.

    Re-install, copy folder above back to it's location, install back add-on's You need and You're done...

    You might have to restart after installing add-ons before those re-read configs but that works every time.

    Is there a way to wakeup LE8 based player from sleep (suspend state)?
    I can't get any of scheduled jobs to run when it goes to 'sleep'
    Tried with few different cron-jobs but no luck...

    Apollo Lake N4200 based micro-PC running "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0.0.img"

    I just updated to V8 as well on two machines (manual update from the LibreELEC menu). The first one (Intel NUC) looped during migrating databases. After deleting the Addons27.db and power off/power on it finally booted, but the system says my libraries are empty (I am using a mySQL database for several machines). I see my sources and contents, but obviously there isn't any connect to the SQL DB any more.

    The second upgrade fulfilled without any loop, but the same result. All libraries are empty. How can I re-connect to the SQL DB?

    For me the solution was "Wait for nerwork" (30 sec).

    I'm in a similar boat. I run open elec 6 (Kodi 15.2). Can I update my open elec to the latest libreelec directly, or should I update to openelec 7 first, then to libreelec?

    The safe way:
    Backup Your device (Build in and/or Kodi add-on) copy the backup file outside Your box (USB or external storage)
    Update to latest stable LE 7 release (drop the correct file in .update folder and restart)

    Wait a week or two (I just speculate here...), the LE 8 is just around the corner, brand new and shiny! :cool:
    Then You should be able to update to latest release from within Kodi!

    Agree on colour... But mine is hidden anyway so it really doesn't bother me.
    I'm quite sure it's HDMI 1.4a but in my case that's not an issue.
    IMHO it's a pretty good deal.

    CNXSoft has the (HDMI) specs ;

    Rii mini i7 does the work quite well...
    Not too many buttons, small and very handy.
    Mouse cursor (air mouse) can be turned on/off easily.
    I have on on my 'NUC' and one on each RPi...
    (Approx US$ 12-15 from China)