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    flump looks like this is your first time with Linux. Drivers in linux are in the kernel as modules. Drivers outside of the Linux kernel are distributed as dkms modules in a standard distro. Since libreelec has is read only os file system there is no way to install external drivers.

    And by the words you are using to describe this drivers I tend to think those are for windows.

    I just also upgraded from 8.0.2e in an s905x box, no problems. But i noticed before upgrading the libreelec menu>system is not displaying anything there is an error in the debug log for this. After the upgrade is not working either. Shall i create a new thread for this ?

    edit: no problem, it was a custom update channel entry, after deleting the xml settings, the menu came back.

    Is not possible. I use a Bluetooth audio receiver for watching movies with earphones. for adding an extra headphones I am considering a "Y" 3.5mm splitter.

    For your case (both hp Bluetooth) try to get an extra USB Bluetooth adapter

    LE8 supports NFS4 client connections (through mount/kernel), idmap is only needed server side.

    Seems like mount in lacking support.

    beelink:~/nfs # mount -o vers=4 test
    mount: NFSv4 not supported
    mount: mounting on test failed
    beelink:~/nfs # mount -t nfs4 -o vers=4 test
    mount: NFSv4 not supported
    mount: mounting on test failed
    beelink:~/nfs #

    Testing in debian you can mount nfsv4 with idmap disabled in server and client.

    Is port 20048 for the mountd in the server? if so then you should add extra options in the mount command as


    At least i tried in my server as RPCMOUNTDOPTS="-p 20048" for nfs-kernel-server, the mount options and the ruleset you posted and it works

    Libreelec 8.0 doesn't support nfs4 (is built in, but it lacks idmap i think), which would ease your way just by using port 111 and 2049. Problem is the client (v3) opens a random port below 1024, that changes for every mount. From what i know librelec doesn't provide a way to set this to a static port. Maybe a custom rebuild?, i wouldn't know where to start looking for this configuration.

    You need to relax the outgoing connections, and use an input rule for established connections.

    This is the error i get with debug level in kodi

    I currently have a python daemon that listens to the dbus interface, so when the bluetooth device (bt audio receiver) is turned on and auto paired with libreelec, this daemon executes a bash script that changes the audio device from hdmi to pulse. My libreelec is an amlogic s905x.

    The daemon doesn't filter by connected device mac address, is whatever bluetooth device gets connected.

    This is my first post, here is my remote.conf is for beelink mini MXIII II using LG magic remote. The remote has numpad, color, arrows, back and enter button working. The remote works by configuring in the LG tv as universal remote as BlurayDVD Player/control type 2.

    LG magic remote
    Dropbox - remote.conf

    This second on is for harmony logitech 650 against the same amlogic s905x device, the remote is configured as Droidbox T8, all buttons available
    Dropbox - remote1.conf