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    hi GDPR-1 thanks for your answer :)

    I'm using wetek hub, I have audio on kodi's menu but no audio while playing video, reverting to Leia21 fix the problem without touching anything.

    About remote I've seen that there have been a lot of changes these days in LE master... Not a problem for me, I just want to report it back. For me the main problem is the live tv that continuously stutter, with playerdebug on I can see Vq often reaching 0% as written, problem that isn't present on Leia21 and of course no audio..

    Thanks again

    PS: sorry for the previous post (that I've deleted ) I accidentally press the "submit" button before finish writing... I really hate the impossibility of using Tapatalk with mobile.

    Hi kszaq, just upgraded from the previous build: update was smooth, both Device tree and system were updated correctly. For now i've tested only Live Tv (on the fly) but this build seems to be the best one (speaking of Live TV) for me: first tuning channel is now fast as switching, deinterlace, a/v buffer seems ok also. For now i can only say thanks and congratulate with you for you wonderful work. During these days i will test everything and report back. Thank you

    Hi kostaman, thanks for your precise description. For what I remember (I don't have that box), that box should boot to LE "in a normal way" like toothpick method only if Android version is <= 05082016. Recent firmwares locked the ability to boot with toothpick method:) so I've seen someone that suggested to downgrade to that firmware version. But actually you have found a workaround for this ;) thanks

    I read the whole post, and it doesn't make that much sense. Right underneath it are posts explaining that some of the info is not correct anymore. But thanks for the warm welcome, always nice to meet such helpful individuals on forums.

    Sorry if i appeared rude, honestly it was not my intention... By the way you should download this image LibreELEC-S905.aarch64- and burn it to a SD or USB... Is this what you are asking? This is the correct img :)

    I just got a Beelink Mini Xiii II. But I can't seem to find the excact img.gz file i should use? I can't seem to find them at all actually. Or which version do I choose in the LibreELEC USB-SD creator? Do I choose WeTek play or?

    Hi, I suggest you to follow the information provided in the first post of this thread... It seems that you haven't read it at all...

    Any progress anthontex?
    Hope anybody here can light me up! :blush: :heart:

    yes, i have 2 solutions for this problem: 1 was the udev rule that changes audio output (when a specific device was connected) , it works but unfortunately my headset doesn't autoconnect always, and i had to open LibreELEC settings> connect and only then the audio output automatically changed. 2 was using a script (old idea from someone at kodi forums) and map that script to my remote controller (for example when i log press my home button the script is executed) this script not only switch audio output but also "ping" LibreELEC to connect to my headset, so it resolves both problems. I suggests you the second way, because there are some headsets that don't autoconnect automatically. If you need i can copy script and write the how to...

    I suppose your bootloader adds that MAC address to kernel command line, doesn't it?

    Well this is what i get

    1. [[email protected]] Kernel command line: init=/init console=ttyS0,115200n8 no_console_suspend storage=2 cvbsdrv=0 vdaccfg=0xa000 logo=osd1,loaded,0x7900000,1080p,full hdmimode=1080p cvbsmode=576cvbs androidboot.firstboot=0 hdmitx=cecf console=tty0 consoleblank=0 usbcore.autosuspend=-1 systemd.show_status=auto


    1. eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:01:23:XX:XX:XX

    and from fw_printenv:

    1. ethaddr=00:15:18:XX:XX:XX

    before update:

    1. 06:25:29:XX:XX:XX

    Honesty this is not a problem (at least for me) because i 've only this device with this problem: so don't spend useful time, i just wanted to point out this :) As always thanks Kszaq

    I Will check tomorrow and report back: my hub doesn't boot Android anymore , and also I cannot get recovery working neither if I download it from wetek website with stock firmware... Tomorrow I will try with UART...

    I use tvheadend too: i notice stutter only with mpeg2 channels (of course low bitrate channel ~ 3 Mbit) vq in near 0% in these channels and after some minute seems to stabilize at 6\7% so not a big deal. 4K /HD channels no problem. (And also sd h264 channels) btw i consider this build more stable concerning live TV than older builds: reverting fast analyze fix a lot of problem, and also channel switch is very fast while keeps sync.

    Hi kszaq, thanks for this update, everything seems to be ok :) just one information maybe i've missed something during these weeks of s805 development. I have a MXQ S85 and i've just updated from to and i noticed that now i get a dummy MAC address like 00:01:02 etc and not the original one: what could it be? Thanks

    Hi, May i ask you if you have found a workaround for this? Thank you:)