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    Sadly, being a router-guy I cannot seem to figure out uboot stuff that easy and not a lot of time on my hands too.

    Still, willing to try just about anything I can to revive a perfectly working media distro on both C2 and VIM boards.

    Anyone that has a hint, plase drop a line so that we can experiment together on this.

    Sadly, noone from AML-oriented guys left any remarks here...

    Tested Khadas VIM 1 - same story - have to get up my lazy self to go to box to switch it on.

    Have heard that Khadas implementation is different and solution might not exist.

    I will try to brutally flash different u-boot and see where it takes me...

    Just found out that the problem is a snafu in u-boot in LE9

    Version of CEC firmware in LE9 is 6 and that is buggy. In LE8.2.5 it was version 5.

    Probably, a solution is to go back to previous version of u-boot. Did not have time to experiment today.

    Some of it is explained here - odroid-c2:application_note:ir_wake_up [ODROID Wiki]

    For the same reason, CEC wakeup did not work for me on Khadas VIM.

    Returned to 8.2.5 - feel sorry for not taking full image of emmc.

    Hi everyone!

    Since my 8.2.5 LE was working stable and perfect, I got bored and decided to upgrade to 9.... ;)

    Before upgrade, when I turn off my tv, the box shuts down, but CEC circuit seems to keep working - after powering back up tv, I see "Odroid C2" device under SmartLink menu and when I choose it, the boards boots up. When I tested the same on Khadas VIM, I missed this feature and noone was able to explain, where to start digging for solution. I just sold Khadas and moved on. Now I am frustrated, because after powering on tv, no CEC devices are visible and only way to start my C2 is to go to tv and power cycle, but I am too lazy to do that.

    Has anyone had the same problem and found a solution?

    There was nothing in peripherials, that would change this behaviour, except for changing "Action on TV off" to "Suspend" which actually prevented any reaction to powering off my tv. But that blinking blue led is just asking for a rework gun - i hate flashing blue lights... :cursing:

    Still, I see a lot of improvements on LE 9 and would not want to move back to 8.2 if i could do anything about that shutdown/powerup feature...

    And what I would give for a tv with AML S905 and Libreelec on board...