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    Did you check the user rights to edit settings?

    configuration/users/choose user/edit/

    tick administrator....change parameters enable all

    Glad you r sorted...ask when you need help..

    That s how it all launch the game from ES but RA does can make a hot key tough to make the process faster to quit the game and go back to ES.

    Otherwise another option which I prefer is you forget about ES and you setup RO with all the artwork and screenshots by creating playlists and scraping the artwork..looks very neat too and you won t need anything else..

    Ok thanks. I got the script to run but now it's not downloading the scraper. The screenshot is below.

    try to run script as administrator..if it doesn t work try to create a folder on your windows 10 and run script in there so it downloads the scraper and then move scraper to mapped roms folder..

    option 2 will be instead of mapping your nas roms drive try to map the LE mounted emulators folder to windows..

    OK, is not there a passive solution with a big cooler? Is probably a new firmware for the Raspi 4 to regulate the heat something. My but the firmware in the image is already in it.

    Firmware may help regarding heat but not a might still need another or considering removing top of case for rpi3b+ still gets hot sometimes over 70 and it's only a tvheadend server+emby server+vnc installed on it..not attached to any monitor.this fan solution is set once and forget till the fan's end of life..

    I think that is the linux/mac version :)

    You need the fastscraper.bat..

    rename this from fastscraper.txt to fastscraper.bat and enter your user and passfastscraper.txt

    Also the script will only download 1 type of image for every rom at 1 just "3b" is enough for image command...if you want to download a screenshot set after just edit the command to "s" and run script again...but before running dont forget to rename the folder of scraped images because the script will replace the already scraped images in that doesn t create another folder..

    I've tried a different things, but still getting the same result when I try to run the script. The command box opens up, runs through a bunch of lines quickly and then closes. I do not get a chance to actually read what its going through because it flashes so quickly.

    OK..let me try to go step by step...

    From your windows PC go to file explorer_network and browse to your nas folder named roms...right click on that folder and choose "map network drive.."

    Windows should give that folder a drive letter and after that it should show as a drive on My Computer or This PC in windows 10.

    Lets say you have windows 10....go to This PC and open the mapped drive should look something like roms(\\ (G:)

    Copy the fastscraper.bat to the roms folder...should look like this


    Before you run the scraper just enter the screen scraper user and pass..

    In line 18 of the script enter which artwork you want to download...if you want to download 3d boxart you enter 3b as I showed you earlier...

    If you want to also download screenshots first remove or rename the "downloaded_images" folder so you don t overwrite the downloaded images..

    run the should download sselph scraper and then you will choose which subfolder you want to scrape example nes or snes etc...

    after that it should start scraping

    When done scraping you should have a gamelist.xml and a folder with artwork

    You put the gamelist.xml in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/game.emulationstation/gamelists/(nes or whatever)

    You can put the downloaded images on your nas in the roms folder...put images in different folders for each emulator..

    the gamelist.xml should look something like this


    My image path looks a bit complicated because I have more artwork then just images for ES ....I m using the same images for ES,RA and AEL..

    Anyway just ask if you get stuck..

    It my roms folder, am I supposed to have a gamelist.xml document with all my roms for each emulator? I remember when I created a folder for each emulator (in Storage/Emulators/Roms) to match the gamelist file structure I didn't carry over the gamelist.xml file for each one.

    Games.xml is created by the scraper in the roms folder for every roms set..after scraping is completed you place it in the addondata/emulationstation/ there s a folder for every rom set game.xml...not at home right now to give you exact location but there is an empty games.xml in each folder..

    Strange, I think I got it to run now. Not really sure what the problem was before. It closed pretty quick after running through the script. I looked on emulation and don't see any covers or metadata

    I scraped mine long time ago and I just keep backups now but from what I can remember to do it from windows I had to first browse from windows networks to the roms folder and map network roms folder...

    On line 17 of script you choose what you want to scrape...for 3d boxarts and screenshots you enter

    1. set consoleImg=-console_img="3b,s"

    You can also set the paths in the script but I prefer to edit games.xml with notepad after..

    Then you go to the roms folder from mapped drive and you place the script in the main roms folder..

    Run script and it should download sselph.exe on first run..

    when you r asked which system do you want to scrape you enter the name of the roms subfolder ex nes or snes..

    and it should start scraping.

    Tonight tried to update LE to 9.1.001 but had few issues with RO latest version not starting and older version no audio out.

    Command aplay -L is not working

    1. aplay: device_list:272: no soundcards found..

    error in log is

    1. error while loading shared libraries:

    Adding this to config.txt fixes the audio issue and brings back ALSA options in LE audio output options

    1. dtparam=audio=on

    But with this line RA even old version doesn't start,gives same error as latest one..

    1. error while loading shared libraries:

    I m not sure if removing ALSA from listed audio devices was intended or it's a bug hence the errors from RA

    Now I m back to LE 9.0.2 and everything is working as expected..

    Hopefully this will help bite_your_idols

    Hardware RPi 2

    With my rpi I use system.d to mount network folders..I assume it s the same with nuc

    see here

    So you mount ip_of_your_nas/emulators to storage/emulators and you should see the content of your nas emulators folder in storage/emulators on Libreelec..then you browse to storage/emulators/roms from ES addon can just mount the roms folder only but I think its better to mount main emulators folder so you can leave everything on your nas.bioses and assets...artwork etc