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    . . . I have always maintained my own personal fork . . .

    I am sure I speak for many when I say, despite how selfish we might appear at times complaining of our own (almost insignificant, at times) irritations with unstable builds, your dedication and hard work is appreciated.

    Without the enthusiasm and knowledge of all you guys working hard on these Amlogic devices they would be absolutely worthless.

    OE - LE - CE I'll be tagging along regardless of what it's called :thumbup::thumbup:

    I want to keep my data/config on the internal, I think if i run the installtointernal it will overwrite everthing

    can someone confirm this ?

    backup - restore ;)

    But seriously, posts like this are not anything at all to do with what this thread is about and are coming dangerously close to being deleted without response

    General installation or help questions should be posted in their appropriate subforums as I will thoroughly moderate this thread and delete any posts that I feel are off topic.

    Wasn't one of the changes that LibreElec introduced over OpenElec that .img.gz could be used for upgrades, as well as .tar files, with an aim to eventually no longer needing .tar files to be used at all (as .img.gzs would serve both for original installs AND upgrades)?

    In a different thread, concerning builds by a different person and different kodi version, mods were introduced that indeed allowed an upgrade from img.gz files as well as tar files.

    The OP of this thread, pertaining to the new, alpha builds we are testing here clearly state

    Choose .img.gz file for burning to a new usb drive or SD card and choose .tar if you are upgrading

    and in the FAQ that follows it

    Q: How do I update?

    A: Copy the tar file into the '.update' folder in /storage, DO NOT copy your DTB, this will be updated automatically, finally reboot.

    Personally, I follow the most recent procedures given, even if they do differ to what I've been used to, I've found it leads to less issues overall :)

    I always used the img.gz file (whitout dtb file) before without any problem, this is the first time I have this issue

    Try using the tar file as per instructions in OP to upgrade :cool:

    Choose .img.gz file for burning to a new usb drive or SD card and choose .tar if you are upgrading

    just followd this method:

    You didn't, because that method describes building a new install from the img.gz file on a SD/USB but you simply dropped it into the existing .update folder :rolleyes:

    Any idea how can I fix this?

    Read previous posts, the sure fire fix is there. ;)

    It was two builds from the beginning.

    Two builds yes, but most would presume from the same camp.

    Not really a place for the impatient to be chucking in their attempts. They belong in a different thread where it is made clear that it might be evolving differently than the @adamg & co builds =O

    That is, of course, presuming @boot2k3 isn't currently secretly developing in the @adamg stables, and we just didn't know ^^

    Raybuntu The Coolest afl1 and boot2k3 and myself are now all contributing to the Amlogic builds to make them better for everyone.


    Second, what should we do to avoid audio drops with passthrough and optical cable out to a soundbar?

    From what I can see the procedure is report it, as you have, and provide log file / method to recreate issue as requested in OP / FAQ.

    After that there doesn't appear to be any more to do but wait for it to be rectified in a later build. :thumbup:


    If an issue occurs, when do I grab the log file to provide (and are you just after kodi.log) ?

    In other words, is the log file more informative taken at the time of issue (if possible) or at reboot?

    Noticed a peculiarity but so far only once - not sure if it was a one-off glitch (after watching steaming content and pressing stop, kodi didn't seem to be able to recover the GUI)


    I think it might've just been a bit of a glitch with the addon. Probably not worth looking at unless it happens again ;)

    The LibreElec-boot logo appears, but when my box switches to the Kodi-GUI for the first time

    (I assume with [email protected]) the TV says 'No input signal'.

    Why is your box trying to set your TV to [email protected] at first boot when it's been said on numerous occasions set your kodi GUI to 1080p and it will switch when the video content that requires it is shown? /shrug

    I used to use the intro video and shadertoy (visualisations) but neither work for me with these later builds and are probably not major priorities to be fixed since they don't affect the performance of the final selected content

    I understand the I've got it so I wanna use it mental block but, if it causes the box to work too hard and misbehave, why not just go with the flow for now :)