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    Just started to use InputStream Adaptive but whenever the material is 23.X FPS i get blocks all over the screen. 25p runs fine from Aprime. Same for the most trailers in normal movie library. vp9 seems to be the issue. x265 is fine. same as x264.


    Edit: updated to latest release from 14th. VP9 seems to be fine now in trailers, but seems like that my EID issue came back. Sometimes once it switches the display refresh rate on my LG, the signal is gone. I can stop the playback and it returns as switching again, but sometimes it simply loses my display.

    i just had a weird decode bug on hevc 10 bit content (dont know if other was affected too, bit in all hevc movies). I could see the decode pattern form time to time resulting in a blocky image. Reboot didnt solve it. any how, it was gone as is restored a backup with exactly the same settings.

    Edit. Seems like x265 is broken (blocky decode) once I had played one TV channel with deinterlace (method deinterlace, not vaapi). After reboot its fine again. But any how all other vaapi deinterlace methods kinda suck. ill test it anyway. Lets see if all of them break it or only a specific one

    Edit. other methods like VAAPI Motion compensate seems not to have that issue.

    I would say, this is still the same problem Linux does have like on those j3455 or j4205 boards. IIRC and if I'm not wrong, it's a driver related issue and we can't do anything for you. Kodi itself is waiting for matching drivers AFAIK.

    For the time being, disable passthrough, use PCM and let Kodi decode which is nearly no difference.

    And if it's not this, then please check if you have "sync playback to display" enabled. As this will disable passthrough automatically

    sry i already needed to return my Kaby Lake NUC as it stopped powering on after I increased the VMEM size in bios, weird. Tried everything I could do but it tells me memory error. Not able to reset...
    So no testing here any more. I'll wait for a more stable support of Kaby Lake NUC inc. CEC.

    7.1 ACC / opus / vorbis seems to be fine but my Device can't open passthrough when it comes to audio streams > DTS. DTS itself runs fine.
    HW = NUC = NUC7i3BNK = Kaby Lake

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    ACC -> working:

    DTS HD -> not working