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    Thanks smp, now I understood why... I'm on LE 8.2.4.

    VC-1 works fine on my pi3 with the decoding code.

    I am waiting to receive the code for the new Pi3 B+ in my e-mail to solve the problem.

    I was hoping the new CPU could be able to play VC-1 without it ;)

    MPEG-2 (like DVB-T) in FullHD, works fine even without decoding code (but I bought it anyway).

    The thermal pad of my Flirc v1 case is gone: impossible to recycle it from my previous Pi.
    I haven't another thermal pad, but I noticed that if I try to use it, the case doesn't fit very well due to the thickness.
    So I decided to put some drops of my CPU thermal compound (Arctic MX-4) on the IHS and seems that it works for now.

    Maximum 50°C during movie playing (HEVC x265 8-bit 1920x800 pixel) with 20°C room temperature and this settings:


    For now I don't see difference in media center use compared to my overclocked Pi3 (arm_freq=1300 gpu_freq=500 core_freq=500 sdram_freq=500 sdram_schmoo=0x02000020 over_voltage=2 sdram_over_voltage=2 dtparam=sd_overclock=100).

    Pi 3 B+ is unable to play my critical video (same as Pi3):

    • VC-1 movie 1920x1080 pixel 8-bit color depth is stuttering (I just bought the decoder code...)
    • HEVC (x265) movie 1920x1072 pixel 10-bit doesn't start (I see the play icon on the right top of the screen but nothing appens: only the system slows down).

    My Pi3 B+ is arrived!
    It's time to overclock it, just after the unboxing :D

    I'll use my Flirc case v1

    About Milhouse OC settings:


    This is an huge settings: without heatsink on memory chip? Only with flirc case?

    Mmmmm... my idea was to install the pi3b+ inside my Flirc case, but maybe the best solution is to work on the new IHS with a good heatsink + fan to reach a better cooling and avoid the new throttling level.

    During HEVC 1080p test which bitrate are you able to play smootly with your overclock settings?

    These are my RPi3+ overclock settings:


    As always when overclocking, do your own testing to determine the stable limits of your device - the above overclock may not be stable with every Pi3+ device.

    Do you use heatsink + fan?

    Only 1450 MHz for the CPU freq?

    For me there was an issue in retroarch.cfg.

    Deleting the Enter between the quotation marks solved the issue.

    audio_device = "


    So I changed it in

    audio_device = ""

    Doing so I was able to select the correct audio device inside the Audio menu of the Retroarch GUI, using the arrow key (left and right).

    I have an issue with thumbnails. All the images looks with wrong colors (tending to cyan). Any help to fix this?

    Hi klojium, I'm using LE v7.95.2 and CEC works fine for me like on the previous LE build, so I'ld really appreciate a function to hide the CEC notifications.

    My request is to add a simple toggle switch to give at each users the possibility to hide the notifications if all works fine (like on my setup). I'm just asking to give us the possibility of choice.

    It's not only for the 3 seconds of the notification... Also the "dong" sound at startup broken a lot the balls and driving me crazy. ;)

    I think that you have the power to add this little, but precious "do not disturb" feature.

    Sincerely, I don't know why all devs neglect this feature. The results is that if you install like me a lot of add-ons that show notifications on startup you have a ding-dong concert and a slideshow of messages terribly annoying.
    Very frustrating.

    Hi guys, into the CEC settings (System/Input menu) could you add a toggle to give us the possibility to hide CEC notification (that appears every time at LibreElec startup)? Something like a "do not disturb" function will be appreciated.
    My setup is always the same and every day CEC works fine. It's not necessary to notify me at any boot that CEC is working. ;)
    Thx for all

    I'm trying to tune this settings to improve the buffering for streaming video (via Internet). On the old Kodi version the cache buffering works like expected, bit on Kodi 17 is not the same things. I'll try your setting, thanks for the advice

    Hi, on the official wiki I read about a change in Kodi 17 for some tags in advancedsettings.XML.

    this is the right way to configure the cache parameters?

    I'm confused. This settings seems not sort any kind of effects on my rpi3

    Of course I disabled both beckend and PVR frontend add-ons from Kodi My Add-ons, but in SSH if I type "top" I see tvheadend activities.

    Same with oscam.
    I have a RAM saturation issue and I think that is caused by tvheadend and oscam service. I would like to completely stop them instead of uninstalling.
    There are some.ssh command to do so?