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    deltaray that device tree is missing HDMI, so it's not very helpful. Besides, H6 based OrangePis need support for ddc regulator which is not yet added to mainline hdmi driver. Without this, you'll always have a default resolution, which is 1024x768. Wait a week or two until I get one of those boards (hopefully).

    Thanks for the update. Overall the device appears to be fast, but OrangePI software support is as always terrible.

    Any Chance to get this image running on an Orange Pi 3 (H6)?

    Anybody tried the last versions on an OrangePI One?

    It seems to be very unstable, properly related to the low memory of 512mb?

    Read some comments before about memory problems with 512mb.

    I can confirm that it works almost stable with a lightwight SKIN like Eminence and even better with the old default Skin "Confluence".

    Hardware rendering is working pretty well now ... It just stucks randomly at some point (like after 5minutes or 10), after a few moments sound comes back but video is frozen.

    I am using Orange PI One.

    How were the test images build?

    I tried to build them on my own, but the bootloader configs are missing:

    - Bootloader: u-boot

    - U-Boot configuration:

    - U-Boot config file:

    ARCH=arm PROJECT=Allwinner DEVICE="H3" UBOOT_SYSTEM="orangepi_one"

    Hi all,

    I saw that there are new branches for allwinner, amlogic and so on available.

    As I am expiriementing with Orange PI's since some time and really like these small devices, I am very interested in official support.

    I have already build an Allwinner image myself successfully but it doesn't seem to boot yet.

    Is there still work in progress or have I build anything wrong?