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    Channel switching is super speedy now for me with these images. UK DVB-T2 channels and French/German/Spanish HD satellite channels via an external TVH server install.

    AV sync with the patched AC-3/E-AC3 passthrough is working really nicely too.

    Will Wetek Play 2 internal tuners be supported at some point with your images?

    I'm running this latest beta on Wetek Play 2. The audio passthrough patch is working great for me (I have a separate PC as backend for TVHeadend server), even better than on 7.0 where I got constant buffering problems on some (French) DVB-T HD channels with E-AC3 Surround sound. These channels play fine in 7.95.beta6 with passthrough.

    Passthrough on Live TV has been one of the most important features for me so for it to have been missing from Kodi 17 was very disappointing.

    Thanks to kszaq and afl1! :)


    I've updated my Wetek Play2 to the 7.95.3 Beta on SD card.

    I was using a 7.0 version before, and all the audio passthrough options were working great with my Denon AVR - AC-3 and EAC-3 passthrough in 2.0 and 5.1.

    However on 7.95.3 the passthrough is not working. The settings are all there and enabled but they are being ignored. The device is set to ALSA HDMI for passthrough, and AC-3, EAC-3, DTS etc. are all ticked, but the audio output to the amp just remains "Stereo" which is the standard PCM device from the Wetek Play2.

    The videos in question are live TV channels through TVHeadend. These channels are all 1080i50/720p50 AVC video with either E-AC3 2.0 128kbps/E-AC3 5.1 192kbps soundtracks or AC-3 2.0 192kbps/AC-3 5.1 384-448kbps soundtracks. The amp does not switch to DD/DD+ when these channels are playing and I just get a downmixed stereo track.